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Prospus president and founder Marc Ragsdale was honored to lead the technology seminar at the 12th annual HR Conclave at the prestigious Sri Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur on September 28, 2012. As the president and founder of multinational IT company Prospus Consulting Private Limited of India, Ragsdale was uniquely qualified to discuss advanced Web-based technologies and the mobile explosion. He aimed to answer the question on every young Indian student’s tongue: how do I benefit from this?

A serial technology entrepreneur, Ragsdale has been involved in countless endeavors in his life. As a young, foreign entrepreneur in India, he was able to personalize the story of Prospus for the audience. He elaborated on the importance of taking intelligent risks, while not sweating the details. He explained how he identifies market potential, but when he knows to pull the plug and move on. He also shared some of his successes and failures, as well as his plans to introduce various educational and professional products and services in 2012.

In addition to expanding beyond the Web, Prospus has opened its own international call center to offer both consumer and business technical support. This effort has substantially improved client relations and is the first step toward offering full end-to-end technology solutions. Prospus also commits a percentage of all of its revenue to research and development. It is currently investing heavily in the development of mobile and HTML5 applications. The most important research project it is currently building is based on a concept that company President and Director Marc Ragsdale conceived in 2001. It has received much attention from private investors, futurists, and tech spectators; however, there are no plans at this point to open it up for outside involvement.

With his additional experience in India, he has become convinced that there is a deep reservoir of untapped innovation in young Indians. Further, he predicted that the mobile app craze would showcase India’s burgeoning talent. Marc has been living and working in India for over half of his adult life and intends to be part of India’s development for the rest of his life. Marc was joined by members from the ITS Institute of Management, Amity University, ITS Institute of Engineering, and Sri Padampat Singhania University.

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