Prospus is a proven compliance partner

When you launch a new web project, it is critical to have a reliable partner on your team who can guide and execute the technology decisions. With a decade of expertise assisting hundreds of companies of all sizes launch and run their web projects, Prospus is a trusted and proven partner.

GDPR Compliance

The set of sweeping regulations to recently hit the EU has forever changed the way companies handle client data online. The GDPR requires organizations to have a certain governance structure, operation practices and policies in order to ensure that all customer data is acquired consensually, that it is held securely, and that the GDPR-compliant processes are routinely audited in order to ensure their security and effectiveness.

Our GDPR-related services cover everything from an initial assessment of your degree of compliance, to consultation services on how to set up your data protection structure in order to become fully compliant. Some companies will have an easy time achieving compliance, while others may face more complex situations, as our data structures are becoming more advanced with new technologies such as multi-cloud infrastructures and backend-as-a-service packages. Our mission is to ensure that regardless of complexity, your company achieves a competitive edge through compliance.