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Last updated January 1, 2023

All companies operating websites are required to post and maintain certain legal agreements for website visitors and users. In accordance with the laws of the countries and territories in which we operate, Prospus provides the following legal agreements and documentation on our website.


The Prospus group of companies is privately-owned by investor Marc J. Ragsdale. It comprises two distinct companies: Prospus Inc. of Wilmington Delaware, and Prospus Consulting Private Limited of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are required by the US FTC and EU law. Our Privacy Policy describes the ways that we collect, process, share, and use the data we collect from our website visitors, solution users, and partners. Read our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service define the rules that our website visitors have to follow in order to use it, as well as the terms for engaging Prospus for solution services. Read our Terms of Service.

Cookies Policy

In compliance with the GDPR laws of the European Union, our Cookies Policy informs our website visitors that our website places certain cookies on their devices and describes how we use them. Further, we define all personally-identifiable information we collect. Read our Cookies Policy.

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