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Prospus F&I

Prospus F&I links your sales and F&I processes together through a customized workflow that reaches beyond the limits of single-point providers. Mobilize and empower your sales staff from start to finish.

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Impress your customers and optimize your sales process...

Prospus F&I connects and streamlines online deal-closing through to the showroom sale, ensuring customer satisfaction while maximizing opportunities.

Real-time tracking

Track deals in real-time from engagement through to completion. Includes live collaboration and chat.

Customized approvals

Fully customize your approvals workflow to ensure deals meet all the parameters set by management.

Customized F&I menu

Fully customize your F&I menu to reflect a specific product or service to streamline the F&I process.

Integrated e-signatures

Fully and natively integrated with Prospus Sign, our digital signature solution. Option to integrate third-party e-signature solutions.


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