You guys are amongst the best I've seen.
I just wanted to say I picked your team out of about 50 proposals because you guys are amongst the best I've seen.

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Thanks Marc!
Hardworking, ethical and patient developers. Thanks Marc!

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R&D and Consulting

Developing a software product can be a considerable investment, and errors during the initial ideation stage can lead to stunted results when the product finally hits the market. This is why R&D plays an important part in the success of a software product. Studying the market, the competitors, emerging trends, and the presented opportunities at any given time will help you develop a software product that achieves business objectives.

At Prospus, we offer R&D and consulting services based on years of experience and numerous successful software launches. With our guidance, your team will understand both the macro and micro aspects of developing an app, and forge a strategy that is perfectly adapted to the current market.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Ideation
  • Offshore Captive Center
  • Product MVP
  • Virtual CTO
  • Technical Strategy

Project Management

Did you know that it takes 4 times as long to develop an app in-house with a fresh development team, than it takes to develop it through outsourcing? A big part of this discrepancy is the inexperience of the team. A new in-house development team has not yet developed best practices that help them meet objectives in a timely fashion. This is where a third party project management service comes in.

We offer project management services for companies looking to bootstrap their development team, improve cohesion, and quickly achieve business objectives. Over the years, we have worked with numerous companies, acquiring experience with many tools, technologies, and team compositions.

Our service will also help you in the long term. Once your team has worked under an experienced project manager, they will be able to replicate the best practices for future projects, allowing to source this vital development function in-house at later dates.

  • Agile Collaboration
  • Task Coordination


Advanced software products require a robust architecture in order to deliver the best performance. Choosing the wrong framework, language, standard, platform, design pattern, or methodology can lead to many headaches down the line, from production delays, to outright failures. Obviously, this translates into wasted time, money and opportunity.

In order to avoid these issues, it’s best to work with an experience consulting service when it comes to architecture. At Prospus, we understand the importance of starting off on the right foot. We have garnered a considerable amount of experience over the years, working with almost every technical solution and methodology on the market.

Our architecture consulting service is designed to help your development team understand the technical requirements of a product, how to best approach them, and how to integrate emerging trends into the project as it evolves.

  • Framework Analysis
  • Design Methodology
  • Coding Standards
  • Database Architecture
  • Scalability Analysis
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Development Oversight

Design, UI & UX

A proper UX and UI will ensure that all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes does not remain unnoticed. In today’s world, users expect a fast, smooth, seamless experience that takes them from one conversion point to another. In fact, one of the best ways to improve your user retention rate is to improve your website loading speed by a second or two.

UX and UI design are essential. At Prospus, we start by segmenting your user base and creating user personas. This will help us understand what drives your customers, their desires and their pain points. Once the initial groundwork is laid out, we map each customer’s journey.

A customer journey can start on a seemingly unrelated blog post, which makes them realize they have a problem which is addressed by your product, or it may start by clicking an ad that leads them to your website. Once they reach you, our job is to make sure that they know exactly what you offer and how to get it.

  • Wireframing
  • Mockup
  • Product Visualization
  • User Experience


We offer full-cycle software development services, either as a complete package or standalone components. If you work with a flexible, modular development methodology, you can outsource parts of your project to us, and our internal development team will coordinate with you in order to help you achieve your goals.

This service is particularly useful to companies that lack a key technical skill or capability. Some projects will require branching out of your company’s comfort zone, into areas where the cost/benefit ratio is unfavorable. By outsourcing that aspect of the development project, you will be able to turn the cost/benefit ratio in your favor.

Companies will also be faced with development projects that reach a grinding halt, for one reason or another. Our a la carte development service is ideal for these situations, where our team can help salvage, reuse and repurpose valuable code before going forward with a new methodology and approach.

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native

QA & Testing

A software solution can meet all business and functional requirements without being a quality product. This is where QA and testing techniques come into play. These techniques have been refined over the years to ensure that a software product meets certain performance, security and functionality standards.

We offer both automatic and manual QA and testing services that will help you maximize the ROI of your product, its user conversion rate, its retention rate, and its longevity. If you hit the market with quality app, you are much more likely to generate the momentum needed to keep growing through the initial months after the launch. A quality internal app also comes with its own benefits. When your employees work with a slick tool that is not error-prone, they are more likely to use it to its full potential, increasing crucial performance metrics and providing the desired ROI.

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Selenium


DevOps is a software engineering methodology that aims to help companies deploy software more frequently, to shorten development cycles, and to improve software dependability and its ability to meet business objectives. In order to do this, various aspects of the development and delivery process are streamlined and automated.

Our DevOps service starts with an assessment of your current architecture and company culture. A true DevOps implementation spans across the entire enterprise, affecting all stakeholders including business owners, and those in development, design, security, operations, and quality assurance. In some cases, DevOps may also include your partners and suppliers in order to perfectly optimize your operations.

Once the parameters are understood, the work towards a shift to the DevOps methodology will include creating the appropriate culture, eliminating bottlenecks in the development and delivery pipeline, and identifying key business challenges. The end result will be a scalable solution that nurtures a lively startup culture where business, development and operations work together harmoniously.

  • Agile Collaboration
  • Continuous Builds
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure Management

Technical Support

You never know when a slight software issue transforms into a full blown crisis that grinds your business to a halt. Maybe you’ve just had a security breach, or there’s a huge spike in traffic that turns your server room into a sauna. Maybe your payment system doesn’t work, and your e-commerce store has to shut its doors during peak hours, or maybe your landing pages simply will not load.

Whatever the issue, our technical support staff is here to help. This service is designed for businesses that do not have onsite specialists to handle technical difficulties. It provides a cost-effective solution to irregular and mostly urgent problems that may affect your website, server, app or software solution. We also offer support services for third-party software solutions when the original vendors drop support. This is often a problem with server operating systems that require a costly update to a newer version in order to have access to the vendor’s support service.

  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME)
  • Issue Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction

Infra Management

Infra management is the practice that ensures the optimal operation all the essential components of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Infra management covers components such as policies, data, equipment, processes, human resources, DevOps, on-premise and cloud server management, and external contacts among others. With proper infra management, the total cost of IT operations can be reduced, IT asset utilization can be optimized, and system availability and uptime can be improved.

Our infra management service is designed to help your IT department run smoother, and provide a higher ROI. We also offer a consulting service as part of our infra management solution where we coordinate with your CIO in order to benchmark performance and suggest possible improvements based on new software/hardware solutions and emerging trends within the market.

  • Network Administration
  • Server Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery

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