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You guys are amongst the best I've seen.
I just wanted to say I picked your team out of about 50 proposals because you guys are amongst the best I've seen.

Adam S

Thanks Marc!
Hardworking, ethical and patient developers. Thanks Marc!

Antoinette RodriquezOwner, MarFi Advisors

Loved working with Marc and his team.
Loved working with Marc and his team - now onto the next project! Looking forward to it!!!

Kelly PricePresidentNational Automotive Experts

Excellent in providing feedback on design decisions.
It was a pleasure working with Prospus. They had a lot of good input to the project and excellent in providing feedback on design decisions. A big plus is that they flag issues proactively. They did not require a lot of hand holding, and they were able to deliver a polished front end.

Yao WuangThe Pink Shutter

One of the best contractors I've worked with.
Excellent contractor. Very professional, and a pleasure to work with. High quality design & programming skills. One of the best contractors I've worked with.

TracyProject Manager & SEO ConsultantSF Web Consulting

Prospus is a Godsend as far as my project is concern.
Simply put, Prospus is a Godsend as far as my project is concern. They delivered at an affordable price. As long as you have a clear objective consider the job done. The key to enjoying their service is that you must be clear about your requirements. They are no more my freelancers they are part of my development team. Keep it up guys.

Ade AdelouFounderAffordOMeter

Your efforts will catapult my film to new levels.
Your team has done an AMAZING job and we are so excited about this dynamic marketing portal you have established. Your efforts will catapult the film to new levels. We appreciate your detail conscious approach and hours of dedication in making this a reality tonight! Blessings to your team!

Benjamin DaneProducerPathlight Entertainment, LLC

Thank you Prospus Team!!
Thank you Prospus Team for getting my website up and running after a system problem! The timing was critical to my business.

Candess M. Campbell, PhDSpokane,

They delivered quality code on a tight deadline.
I can highly recommend Prospus - They were very responsive and communication was excellent. I have already booked them for another job.


My experience with Prospus over the last 3 months has been terrific.
Despite significant time pressure and changes to scope the team have been very professional, accommodating and helpful in making sure we never miss a critical deadline. Our site is a critical part of our business and the work Prospus has done so far has been highly competent and fast! I have already signed them up to Phase 2 of our project and highly recommend their services.

Creel PriceAccelerate Global

If you're looking for a great product and easy process, you should work with them too.
Marc and the team at Prospus have been amazing at delivering our project on time and on budget. Their customer service and attention to detail has been over and above what we could have expected from any company, let alone an outsourcing company. Working with an American manager who has access to a team of hightech individuals at a much more managable cost than is available here in Australia, allowed us to complete the project that we wanted first time. They have been much more flexible and by far easier to work with than our previous company, and we will be working with Prospus for our future projects.Thanks again Marc and the team.

Andrew SparksSparks Elite

Great job Prospus
Great job Prospus. They are always professional and always able to do any form of coding our company has needed.

Jamison HillSlinkee

Very professional organization that provide an excellent solution.

Matthew McCombJIT Industries

Prospus' talents and competitive prices will allow for people to chase their business dreams in a way that might be unlikely otherwise.
My experience with Prospus has been wonderful. I cannot exaggerate how impressed I've been with their honesty, business acumen, competitive prices, work ethic, and breadth of knowledge. I highly recommend Prospus to anyone that is aspiring to develop or enhance a business with an app.

Claudio ManesFounderConfidence Club, Inc.

There is no question, Prospus will play a huge roll in the success of my business.
Over the past several months Marc Ragsdale and Prospus have been working on a project for me and in this age when customer service, quality control and pride in what one does seem to often be forgotten, I find Marc and Prospus consistently take these valued business attributes to the highest standards.

Bob FlyntPresidentPhilanthropic Golf, LLC

The maintenance team at Prospus responded quickly and got my site back up and running smoothly!
With my busy international business a "glitch" in my website or computer can affect income and my ability to stay connected to my clients.

Candess M. Campbell, PhDSpokane,

Marc Ragsdale is an American born-owner and he really cares a lot about the clients and his team.
This contractor was very engaged in our project from the beginning. This was supposed to be a 30-60 day project. It become a six month project. Prospus understood the budget and worked with us to build something outstanding. I would add that Prospus has gone above and beyond the scope of the project both in man hours which were considerable with the fortitude to hand off a great product which is obviously important to everyone.

Rob GouletCEOEntertainment Sports Partners

One of the best contractors I've worked with. Very professional, and a pleasure to work with. High quality design & programming skills.

Tracy RosecransSF Web Consulting

Prospus is a talented, flexible, and fair team of quality programmers.
After having worked with Prospus for over a year now on various phases of one project I am continuously impressed by their ability.

Kate KittingerAIF®, Director of Retirement PlanningPension Architects

I've worked with Prospus for years. They have helped me launch a number of companies which wouldn't have been possible had we not first outsourced, then worked with their micro-captive service model.

Tania PriceCEO at Trepicity

Simply put, Prospus is a Godsend as far as my project is concerned. They delivered at an affordable price. They are no more my outsourcers they are part of my development team.


Web & Mobile Development

Prospus has been building web and mobile apps since 2008 for SMBs and enterprises. Hire Prospus to analyze, design, develop, support and grow your web and mobile solutions.

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3D Development

Here's the text:Our team of modeling experts specializes in modeling then designing immersive three-dimensional environments, delivered through traditional applications or AR and VR mediums. We fully guide our customers through the process of converting their ideas into engaging spaces.

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GDPR Compliance

Do any users, employees or customers who are EU subjects? If yes, then your organization is subject to GDPR. Prospus can help you get compliant.

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Grow your business to the next level with the right CRM. Hire Prospus to implement, expand, customize or consult on your next CRM project.


How can blockchain transform your business or solutions? Hire Prospus to understand how blockchain is transforming your industry, and build your next solution using it.

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Digital Marketing

Are you maximizing your digital marketing budget? Hire Prospus to craft and execute your digital marketing strategy.

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Partner Delivery

Prospus partners with creative, branding and marketing agencies who need back-end delivery support to expand their operations. We offer simple terms, transparent and efficient processes, and the option to fully white-label our services under your own branding.

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Investing in India

India is the fastest-growing major economy in the world. Does your organization have plans to take advantage of India's deep labor pool and access to Asia? Or are you planning to setup an offshore delivery center? Operating in India since 2011, whatever your plans, Prospus Consulting can help.

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A La Carte Services

Staffing Services

We learn the ins and outs of your business and guide you to make technology decisions that reduce both technical and market risk across the entire product and software lifecycle.

R&D & Consulting

We learn the ins and outs of your business and guide you to make technology decisions that reduce both technical and market risk across the entire product and software lifecycle.

Project Management

Our project team defines clear requirements and assembles the right team to efficiently deliver the solution on time, within budget, and transparently for all stakeholders.


Our senior engineering team examines product goals and evaluates all options for the framework, database and infrastructure, ensuring the most advantageous architecture.


Our devOps engineers assess the current delivery culture, then establish the right process and tools to evolve your operation into continuous delivery of high-quality software.

Technical Support

Our friendly technical support staff is available around-the-clock to address and resolve server, app, website, technical and performance issues.

Infra Management

Our knowledgeable team architects the infrastructure to ensure that underlying services are optimized, available, performant, and scalable.

Design, UI & UX

Our design and experience team studies the needs of the target audience and then crafts a modern UI concept that combines innovation and best practices in the right mix


Our diverse team of delivery experts studies every aspect of the architectural blueprint, designing code that is modular, scalable and reusable in the chosen framework.

QA & Testing

Our quality team captures every defect and shortcoming, safeguarding our clients’ brands by ensuring their solutions are pristine on every level before launch.


Our diverse team of delivery experts studies every aspect of the architectural blueprint, designing code that is modular, scalable and reusable in the chosen framework.

We have range

Every day since 2008, Prospus has been building digital products for funded startups, growing companies and enterprises. Here are some of the brands who have trusted us.

“They provide support above and beyond what’s required, helping us make good technology decisions.”

Rob Waring, PresidentEFL Technologies


VesselWise was a collaboration between veteran marine industry partners and Prospus to build an application to service the needs of quality control surveyors and vessel crew members. Over time, VesselWise grew into a much larger application capable of handling the full retail, manufacturing and operational processes and was integrated into multiple legacy platforms for marine companies such as MarineMax and Azimut.

VesselWise has since been turned into a web-services engine, providing key functionality to a number of companies in the marine industry.


As the second largest EFL (English as a Foreign Language) training company in Japan, GABA Corporation has nearly one million actively engaged learners and thousand of active mentors, instructors and content creators. By 2014 they still had not embraced mobile technology in a meaningful way, and were beginning to see the effects on their customer base. Smaller competitors were chipping away at their dominance, so GABA scoured the market for a reliable company to envision and build their MyGABA app.

When Prospus was introduced to GABA late in the bidding process by one of its trusted partners, GABA felt they had found the right partner and awarded the multi-year, multi phase project to Prospus. Over the course of three years, Prospus has extended their core enterprise management system as well as building out several versions of their popular MyGABA apps on both iOS and Android.


One of Australia’s most innovative, government-funded entrepreneurial incubators, Entropolis is the first-of-its-kind hub for entrepreneurial activity, committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs find the resources they need to build the companies of tomorrow. After working with Prospus on a number of software development projects throughout the years, Entropolis CEO Tania Price invited Prospus President Marc Ragsdale to serve as the virtual CTO for her funded startup company.

Through his service as the Entropolis CTO, Prospus created the entire offshore technology team of 8, including engineers, front-end developers, project managers and analysts. Prospus defined the technology architecture and product roadmap and eventually directed in the recruitment, evaluation and hiring of the full-time replacement CTO.


Investible is a Sydney-based committed to the idea of a global “entreprennaissance” — an awakening and coordination of entrepreneurial talent around the world. Over the years, Investible CEO and well-known Australian investor Creel Price had imagined a full course of interactive content and tools aimed at educating entrepreneurs.

With the assistance of Prospus, he began to convert nearly 100 paper forms and Excel documents into online, interactive tutorials, starting with his Decisionship application. Since, Prospus has helped Investible with its startup-related investment activities by coaching, guiding, mentoring and building.

National Automative Experts

In 2014, National Automotive Experts was becoming one of the fastest-growing auto-insurers nationwide. Year after year they were adding dealerships, but their largely Excel-based quotation tool built on the VBA languages was proving to be a major hold-up, so they made the decision to plunge forward with a cloud-based solution for automatically compiling and generating highly-customized insurance rate cards for their member dealerships.

After a competitive tendering process lasting 6 months, National Automotive Experts chose Prospus to build out the system.


MarineMax, Inc. is the largest recreational boat retailer in the United States, and the leading seller of Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, and other boats made by Brunswick Corporation. MarineMax is known for their exceptional product lines chosen for their outstanding reputations. MarineMax has over 125 locations worldwide, including 78 retail dealership locations, some of which include marinas. Collectively, with the IGY acquisition, MarineMax owns or operates 57 marinas worldwide.

Digital Closing was the brainchild of MarineMax founder and CEO Bill McGill, who enjoyed the fully digitized process when he bought a brand new Tesla in 2018. Reflecting on the process of buying a boat from his company, which involved at least 12 different employees, banks, insurers, up to 60 forms and 1-2 months, Bill pushed his COO to find an automated solution. After six months of marketplace diligence reviewing solutions from HP, Xerox, Microsoft and a slough of other document management systems, workflow management systems, sales menu tools and more, MarineMax chose Prospus to build their solution.


As one of the largest multinational telecommunication, IT and consumer electronics companies in the world, Nokia interacts with its millions of customers at multiple junctures throughout their journey. All of the customer information they collected from their websites, purchases and engagements was decentralized and compartmentalized, making effective cross- and up-selling impossible.

Under the guidance of Prospus, we built and delivered a real-time decision-making engine in Oracle Real Time Decision Engine (RTD) that relied on a 360-degree profile of every customer to deliver the most appropriate content and product upsells in live time through multiple channels.


Offering telecommunications service in 25 countries at the time, Vodafone collects a vast amount of information for each of their customers. They were unable to aggregate all that information into a meaningful customer profile that could be used by customer support representatives to upsell additional hardware and services during support engagements, leading to lost revenue opportunities.

Under the leadership of Prospus and using Chordiant Decision Management Suite, we aggregated data from tens of sources and engagements into a single, unified customer dashboard which customer support agents could pull up during any transaction. With over 800 source data points, support agents could see a holistic overview of every customer, along with intelligent product and service recommendations custom-tailored to the customer.


By the time CitiGroup approached Prospus, they had been using the same legacy green screen software for managing their credit cards since the 1970s. But with the explosion of demand for third-party credit card options for companies like Home Depot and American Airlines, who wanted their own branded credit cards, CitiGroup knew they had to upgrade their systems of they’d lose out to their more nimble competitors. After consulting with a team led by Prospus, Citigroup chose Prospus to handle their account.

Over the course of 18 months, Prospus oversaw a diverse team from multiple departments within Citigroup, ultimately rewriting all of the internal processes, such as issuing and deactivating cards, in Chordiant CRM. Today, CitiGroup has one of the most effective, web-enabled credit card management service in the industry, expanding their market penetration by 30-50% every year.

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