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Prospus delivers CRM services and solutions based on industry-leading CRM products — whether you want to implement CRM, upgrade the systems you have, use the CRM platform as the basis for other solutions, or take advantage of cloud-based CRM offerings

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Prospus is a proven CRM partner

When you launch a new web project, it is critical to have a reliable partner on your team who can guide and execute the technology decisions. With a decade of expertise assisting hundreds of companies of all sizes launch and run their web projects, Prospus is a trusted and proven partner.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management can supercharge your sales process by helping you identify numerous metrics related to your clients. For example, CRM can help you identify: cross-selling and upselling opportunities, cold leads that can be re-engaged, avenues to increase average customer spending, flaws in your sales funnel, and many other potential improvements to your sales funnel.

At Prospus, we offer various services that can help you implement and expand your CRM platform, whether you’re working with Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot or Infusionsoft. We also offer consulting services related to CRM software solutions that will help you optimize your sales funnel.

In some industries, or for some specialized marketing funnels, you will need a custom solution. Our CRM development services are designed to help you tailor the perfect solution for your business.

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