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Prospus has revolutionized the way customers approach IT solutions. By joining forces with Kaamfu, we have gained an unparalleled edge in digital transformation and application development.

But while we have always talked about creating innovative solutions, we also realized we needed to stay on top of our own game. And what better way to back up our talk about reinvention than by revamping our website?

We are delighted to announce a complete makeover of our website! Get ready for an all-new, improved user experience with fresh content and exciting features.

What’s New?

While our old website was a sturdy foundation, it lacked the spark of character necessary to really represent our company. So we switched things up and rebuilt—introducing an entirely new site that shows off our services in style!

Our amazing designers have devised a bold new vision for our business to mark 14 years at the forefront of digital solutions. Our newly updated website highlights everything we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed next!

We’ve kept the same information architecture but have given it a fresh look to better support our goal of delivering digital solutions that echo our mission: aiding clients in attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining. 

To put the focus on our creative work, we selected a black-and-white color palette that conveys a modern feel without detracting from our message. We want visitors to take their time and truly appreciate all of the visuals presented on our website.

Our sleek design emphasizes the client’s experience and simplifies navigation. That is why we’ve added a convenient “Menu” button featuring live chat support and our contact number and email for any inquiries or requests.

Our clients can now also easily explore our directory in one swift motion. Simply hover their mouse for a convenient drop-down menu with our services!

We’ve also made a conscious decision to upgrade our fonts. The new, bolder typeface grabs people’s attention and helps them focus on all our amazing services.

But that’s not all; Prospus is on the move! We’ve retired our old slogan and are ready to take things up a notch. Our new mantra?

It’s all about developing solutions that spark attention, foster engagement, drive conversion rates, and ultimately keep customers coming back for more.

What’s Next?

Our new site is more than just an upgrade—we’re also focusing on IT staffing for the North American market. We’ve always been a global company, but this decision will allow us to expand our reach and create new opportunities for our clients. 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for us to offer top-notch technology talent—and that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Prospus. For years, we’ve worked hard to become the best in our field. Now, we look forward to providing our clients with the best service possible.

From web development and mobile app creation to marketing, all done in-house—this revamp is just the beginning of many more exciting experiences.

We look forward to sharing more details of our website with you soon! In the meantime, if your company is looking for tailored digital solutions, look no further than Prospus. 

We’ll get you where your business or project needs to go.


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