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We are excited to announce the date for our first limited, invite-only launch of Kaamfu, our highly-anticipated entry into the workforce management arena. Kaamfu is a work of passion by a small, but devoted internal Prospus team. It is our tenth full-product release, and one we believe will make Prospus a household name.

Kaamfu is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill SaaS tool. Instead, we have bundled together all of the most requested remote team management tools into a single solution. So instead of integrating all your apps through a platform like Slack, everything on offer is natively built in, minimizing clicks, taps, swipes, and frustration!

The theory behind Kaamfu is that up to 90% of our work can be performed with some relatively simple tools – chat and a list. We have developed a unique UI that supports and promotes user priority over all else. Consequently, we decided early on to build native functionality, rather than a platform to attract third-party developers because we believe that integrations, while nice in some cases, more often degrade the user experience.

Note that this is our soft launch. You can join our mailing list at, and we will keep you posted on our progress! As of the date of this blog, the first 100 subscribers will gain early access.

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