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Accelerate Global Pty Ltd, the Sydney-based startup growth accelerator, has just launched their new online learning platform. is a robust web-based platform filled with activities and information for entrepreneurs new to the startup process. It contains over 50 interactive modules aimed at entrepreneurs in a modern, fast single-page web app. Creel Price, the renowned entrepreneur, is the visionary behind the Decisionship method and platform.

The Vision

The Decisionship web platform was based on the book The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business, published by Creel Price in March 2012. According to Price, the Decisonship methodology outlined in his book is the key to making better, faster decisions without the angst. Creel’s wrote the book based on his experience launching his own business for $10,000 and selling it 10 years later for $100 million.

The book systematically defines the Decisionship methodology in terms of three distinct “sights”: foresight, insight, and hindsight. According to Creel, these three sights are at the heart of the decision-making process. Taken together, students of the method can quickly and easily identify their options and make smarter choices more quickly. The book provides a visual, three-step model while explaining the concepts for building an effective, productive, and motivated team.

Translating this practical blueprint into a viable web platform was the job of veteran agency and product head Tania Purcell. Tania worked tirelessly to build a cohesive online course from the materials in the Price’s book. She not only visualized the often-complex models in Price’s book, but she designed an elegant dashboard and subscription and licensing model for sharing the tech.

The Tech

Readers of the book and users of the app will be delighted at Creel’s logical model for starting, running, funding, and growing their business. “It was a real treat for us to work with someone who so thoroughly understands their craft,” remarked Prospus President and founder Marc Ragsdale. “Creel is not a programmer or mathematician, but he’s an amazing conceptual architect. His ideas are all articulate and symmetrical”. Further, Purcell translated the models described in the book into flexible, modular, and highly engaging applets”. About Purcell, Ragsdale remarked, “She’s a true professional and fantastic product manager. My team was fortunate to have worked with her for the past 12 months”.

The Decisionship platform had a five-person team of full-time front and back-end developers working around-the-clock for eight months at Prospus. We architected the web app to allow 1000 simultaneous users and scale to 10,000. To accomplish our goals of performance and scalability, we used a proven MVC framework. For the front-end, we used Angular, a fairly new, but powerful Javascript-based framework. The result is a slick, highly-performant web app that feels like a mobile app.

At its core, the app is an edtech platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is divided into four digital products, complete with a dashboard and set of corresponding apps. The Twenty 20 Challenge is an introductory, 20-part course aimed to prepare students to think like entrepreneurs. Train Your Entrepreneurial Eye is a massive, immersive 6-section course designed to help entrepreneurs identify weaknesses in their business plan. Win at the Game of Business is a set of interactive calculators that guides business owners in maximizing revenue and growth during the early stages. The final product, Ultimate Growth Adventure, takes entrepreneurs on a life-changing experience in exotic locations.

Looking Forward

According to Ragsdale, “As an entrepreneur myself, Decisionship was especially exciting. Not only was it a great project and client, but by decomposing all these models into code, I can say that our team really understands the Decisionship fundamentals”.  Over the next year, Accelerate Global plans to add many new features and release a mobile version of the courses. Additionally, there are plans to release additional interactive courses. Prospus is looking forward to continuing to work with Accelerate Global and helping them achieve their mission of creating high-value, no-nonsense educational materials for entrepreneurs. Those interested in Accelerate Global, or Creel Price and his ventures, can visit his personal blog.

Update (December 2015): has been taken down and incorporated into a new suite of online tools by Creel Price and his companies.

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