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After a little over 10 months in India, Prospus welcomes its first, fully in-house mobile app development team. To date we have been working primarily with long-time American partners to co-deliver mobile solutions, however as our mobile sales grew we made the decision to bring the team in-house. The team joins a growing roster of web developers with varying skills in PHP, Python, Ruby, and others. Together, our growing team will be able to more completely satisfy the needs of our client base.

“Mobile is hot right now and finding good talent anywhere, whether Portland or Delhi, is challenging. The fact that it is so in demand means that a lot of career web developers have jumped into it to avail the higher salaries”, said Prospus President and Founder, Marc Ragsdale. He was expressing the challenges confronting development agencies across the globe who are struggling to meet the surging demand for mobile apps. “It has taken Prospus six months of diligent hunting and negotiation to recruit two leads to run our mobile division”, he added. The Prospus mobile team will initially have eight employees; four Java engineers for Android, and four Objective-C engineers for iPhone development.

Prospus worked closely with Delhi-based consultants to create the right team. We started by searching for talented leads with at least 12 years’ experience in IT, five of which were in management positions. We also required at least two years of building and managing mobile app development teams. After over two months of open calls and more than 50 interviews, Prospus hired two senior-level engineers who met our requirements and who had been working in Gurgaon. Together with Prospus management, we recruited a team of competent team members. “After four months of collaboration, our Android and iOS teams are assembled and ready to deliver great solutions”, said Ragsdale.

Our first mobile projects in our India-based delivery center are already in progress and scheduled for delivery my mid-2012. Prospus will continue to focus on larger, enterprise-level application development, but projects an increased demand for mobile services. We are actively accepting both Android and iOS developers proficient in Objective-C.

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