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In April 2016, with the announcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Prospus committed to not only understanding the new privacy compliance act, but to becoming fully compliant ourselves. And as of today, fully two years after that commitment and one month before it is the law of the EU, we are proud to announce that our website and apps are all GDPR compliant. Further, we have integrated GDPR compliance into all of our client services, and are able to fully guide all our current and future client toward achieving compliance with their own sites and solutions.

At Prospus, we believe that compliance is key for all types of businesses. After an exhaustive due diligence process, we identified all areas we had to change to become compliant, and executed those over the past 18 months. We value your privacy, and want to make sure you’re aware of your options to control your data on our website, and in our various mobile solutions. We encourage our visitors to read our updated policies, but in case you cant we’ve provided a summary of key changes below:

  • Privacy Policy: The Prospus Privacy Policy has been updated to bring it in full compliance with the GDPR. It now transparently provides notices of rights under the GDPR to citizens of the EU.  We’ve also provided details on what type of data we collect and how we use it.
  • Terms of Service: The updated Prospus Terms of Service now include clarifications regarding Intellectual Property rights. Additionally, we have added an arbitration provision so that visitors will know how an arbitration procedure would work in the event of a dispute. We also provide the option to opt out.
  • Cookies Notice: Previously part of our Privacy Policy, the Prospus Cookies Notice now stands alone to provide you with more notice of our use of cookies and explanation of your rights and choices regarding cookies.

The updates to our policies will go into effect on May 25, 2018, at which point all visitors’ continued use of our services will be considered acceptance of our updated terms. For an in depth description of our compliance efforts across all areas, feel free to check out our the notices above, or for have a little look at our blog for additional information about how Prospus has integrated GDPR compliance into our services.

Thank you for being part of Prospus. We believe that we’re a better and stronger company by complying with the mandates and spirit of the GDPR act. Going forward, Prospus will not only provide efficient web and mobile solutions, but can also act as an enabler to your GDPR compliant software solutions. Please check out our GDPR compliance services.

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