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Going forward CAMS, or the Citizenship Application Management System, will sport a new logo and user interface, created by Prospus. Propsus is pleased to work directly with one of the largest software developers in the Caribbean during its initial foray into e-government development. Lelogix built their flagship CAMS software for the St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment (CBI) in 2013. The robust, enterprise-level solution facilitates the process by which foreign investors apply for and avail of citizenship online. Prior to the implementation of CAMS, the entire process was manual, often taking months for a single application to make its way through the various departments involved. By digitizing the process, the entire process can be completed in weeks instead of months.

In just six short months of development and implementation, the CAMS application transformed the CBI experience for both applicants and government administrators. “CAMS centralized and digitized all relevant documentation behind an easy to use interface”, said one government official. “For the first time, we can quickly access, modify and delete documents from wherever we have a secure internet connection”, she added. Lelogix is particularly proud of the built-in digital signature system, which allows all relevant documents to be authenticated online, removing duplicates and ensuring the security of the system. Administrators especially like the automated email alert system, which notifies candidates of progress made in their application.

Since CAMS has been successfully used for four years, Prospus focused on interviewing its users to draw out and emphasize what they like most. Administrators unanimously endorsed the security, reliability, and convenience of the tool. In re-branding the tool, we emphasized those qualities. Additionally, Prospus added a clever call-out by adding a disguised passport. “We feel that the new logo and user experience better reflects the nature of the software and the customers who will be using it”, said Prospus President Marc Ragsdale. “We are looking forward to the next stage in our partnership, where we can bring similar enhancements to all of the e-government tools we will jointly oversee”, he added.

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