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Arti joined Prospus on January 19, 2012, as a young intern in our Noida offices. At that time, we had only 8 staff members in our Indian delivery center and every one of them was busy with projects. It was a tough decision to bring on additional interns, given the amount of time it requires to adequately train them for real-life projects. But it can also be one of the greatest investments when you find someone like Arti. Although I no longer get time to directly train interns and members of our operations team, I had the good fortune to be part of Arti’s early training.

Upon joining, Arti was placed under two of our talented senior developers for training. Given the small staff size and the large project load we had, she was expected to jump in and be productive immediately. With her fundamentals in place from college, she was immediately able to help out on PHP framework projects. She learned how to write clean code and build robust, secure, and flexible databases. Because of her admirable efforts, after 6 months she was given an offer letter to become a full-time employee.

As a member of our family, we have been through many things with Arti. In addition to mastering many skills, during her time with us she has also gone through substantial personal and family changes. We were there with her through some trying times, but many more happy times. In the past five years, her brother joined her at Prospus. She also got engaged and married. And only recently she has welcomed her son into the world. All of this while honing her engineering skills to become a reliable and talented member of our staff.

One thing that makes Arti unique among Prospus employees is her productivity and visible accomplishments. With client projects, once they are finished we often forget about them. But in mid-2012, after accepting her onto our permanent staff, Arti embarked on one of the most challenging projects at Prospus — and a project she will remember every day. She built, from the ground-up, our entire internal ERP, which we lovingly call “POMS”. POMS handles all of our project and task management, billing, estimation and invoicing, accounting, HR administration, payroll, recruitment, and shift management. We rely on POMS for most of our decisions, and we have Arti to thank for building that system.

We are all grateful for Arti’s continued commitment to Prospus and its mission. She has been a warm face at our office from the very beginning. When I’m out of the country, I can always ping Arti for an update. But most importantly, she reminds me of a younger company with lofty ideals, a commitment to building excellent products, and a friendly work environment that our employees love. Thank you for five years, Arti. And here’s to the next five.

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