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A steady Dollar and expanded services roster wasn’t enough to offset the impact of the newly-passed Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Indian companies. Consequently, Prospus does expect moderate increase in our labor rates for 2018. Prospus president and founder Marc Ragsdale has expressed concerns over the continued strength of the Dollar and Indian government taxation policies. In his annual report, Ragsdale stated: “Since ’11 the Dollar has increased 50% against the Rupee. It’s possible a correction is on the horizon that will impact labor rates we can offer our customers.”

In 2017 Prospus again doubled its previous year revenues, smashing expectations. New enterprise clients provided the largest increase in our revenues, as well as the addition of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, CRM and Business Intelligence services. We have also made a brief foray into digital ledger technologies (DLT), which we expect to explode in 2018. Most notably, Prospus incubated and launched VesselWise into the Florida yachting market, catching the attention of the biggest players in the market. Under Ragsdale’s leadership, Prospus entered into a technology partnership with MarineMax, the largest boat retailer in the world.

Prospus will continue its expanded loyalty perks program for loyal customers in 2018. Our incentives package for startups has received ringing endorsements from our investor partners, and will be continued as well. Overall, customers should expect to see modest increases in our labor rates. However, our offshore services still represent a 25-35% savings over on-shore options.

We will publish our revised 2017 labor rates on January 1, 2017. If you would like a copy, please send an email to If you are our current customer, or have already joined our newsletter, you will receive our labor rates through email.

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