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Over the years, Prospus has updated its service model five times. “It makes me proud to see how we have evolved since 2008”, shared Prospus President and Founder Marc Ragsdale. When we started, we offered PHP and Drupal-based websites (in fact, one of our main dev servers is still affectionately named “drupal”). Responsive, CMS-based websites were the best services to offer in those days. There wasn’t enough work for mobile app development, but we kept our eye on it.

Within two years, that all changed as we dove head-first into the app development craze. Over the course of the next five years, we branched out into enterprise, CRM, edtech, digital marketing services, and rapid application development. This past two years saw us move into e-government services, augmented reality, 3d development, and now blockchain technologies. We have also launched eight of our own digital products since 2008. “Creating and launching innovative products is what we do best at Prospus”, said Ragsdale.

Our services have grown so much that it’s time to update our model so our clients can better understand what we offer. We now distinguish three lines of services to reflect our diverse solution offerings:

  • A La Carte Services. We offer individual resources across a variety of skill groups. Our clients can hire talent on an hourly or dedicated basis. For a full list of our resources and rates, please send an email to
  • Bundled Services. Managed services involving multiple resources, such as full projects and end-to-end product development. It also includes package services such as GDPR compliance audits.
  • Products. We have consolidated our eight products into a single line of Prospus-branded products. For product information, please see our product pages.

Our updated services model will be published on our new website, which we have scheduled to launch in July 2018. We will also be consolidating many of our publications, which we had previously organized around multiple properties. The site will better showcase relevant blogs, articles, and projects for each of our services, reinforcing our expertise in software and product services.

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