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Prospus is excited to announce that, after a decade of operations and the development of over 40 products, we will be launching a product dedicated exclusively to processing due diligence operations called Prospus Diligence. According to Prospus President Marc Ragsdale, diligence operations are cumbersome and would greatly benefit from a more streamlined and efficient application experience, and Prospus intends to be the first to build such a platform on blockchain.

Ragsdale has been providing software development services since 2008, when he operated Pacific IT Consulting out of Washington State. In 2011 he shifted to Oregon, re-branded his company as Prospus, and opened an operations center in India, which operates to this day. Over the course of this past decade, he has directly overseen the development of 10 large, multi-phase projects which essentially reproduced diligence operations between companies through a web-based user interface. This included companies in the auto insurance space, banking, boating, employment and investment spaces. “Every one of these companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to think through this common problem, and all arrived at solutions which fit their very specific needs.” In building a standardized platform for conducting and sharing diligence between a private audience, Ragsdale believes the costs of deploying diligence processes into your organization will be reduced dramatically.

Beyond its past clients, Prospus was involved in the launch of VesselWise in 2015 — essentially, a due diligence tool for the various parties involved in the purchase, acquisition and maintenance of yachts. That product was eventually sold to a private buyer, but gave Prospus direct exposure to the due diligence process for large, valuable assets. Ragsdale has used that knowledge to conceptualize the product requirements for Prospus Diligence.

There are several important features which make Prospus Diligence better than the solutions available in the market today. Unlike other options, it is built exclusively for due diligence operations, so it provides essential features out-of-the-box, suchas  workflow and digital signatures. Further, it allows transactional output to both traditional, private databases and shared ledgers built on blockchain. Details on the features that make Prospus Diligence the product to watch out for will be shared as we approach our launch.

Prospus Diligence will be released as a module within the proprietary Prospus Universe platform. We will continue to provide frequent updates on the Prospus Diligence platform, so please check back. Prospus Diligence will be quietly launched in 2018. If you are interested in following our progress, please subscribe to our email newsletter.

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