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We are looking forward to publishing our updated labor rates next month. After four years operating our delivery center out of India, we have fully optimized our bi-national operations to offer the highest quality services at attractive rates. We will be raising our prices modestly to reflect increased operating costs, but our most loyal clients will enjoy our new incentive programs.

This year the Dollar held fast against the Rupee, both beginning and ending the year at 61. Prospus president and founder Marc Ragsdale traveled internationally multiple times this year for projects. Consequently, Prospus hired Business Manager Neeraj Mahant to look after the delivery center. Mahant brings two decades of management expertise, and a solid understanding of growing Indian MNCs under American leadership. We continued to enhance our mobile development unit, competing fiercely with other companies for scarce talent. The increased demand for mobile skills has more nearly doubled labor costs, so clients can expect higher prices on quality mobile development projects.

In Q1 2014, we shifted our Portland office to the George Lawrence Building downtown near the Waterfront Park. We hired three new American staff members, and are planning for two more in 2015. Our total team size has remained at 30, but we are on track to again double revenues by investing in staff training, efficient development tools, and infrastructure. Ragsdale made the decision in early 2014 to completely disengage from the local Indian market, but is in negotiations with international investors to offer micro-captive service centers in the Delhi and Bangalore areas.

We will publish our revised 2015 labor rates on January 1, 2015. If you would like a copy, please send an email to If you are our current customer, or have already joined our newsletter, you will receive our labor rates through email.

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