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For the third year, we will be publishing our updated labor rates for new and existing Prospus clients. Our clients have come to appreciate the annual publication of our labor rates. One client recently told us, “It’s good to see Prospus growing every year because it gives me confidence that you can handle the next phase of our product.”

We are pleased to see the Dollar strengthen against the Rupee for the third year in a row. It opened at 54 and is on schedule to close out the year at 61. However, we have also been witnessing price inflation and the imposition of new taxes at the municipal level. Office rent has increased 15% this year, while electricity costs have soared a staggering 40%  in commercial zones. While we are pleased to see the government increasing its revenues, we are nervous about the sudden spike.

We have more than tripled our team size since 2011, touching nearly 30 full-time employees in 2013. Aside from the general rise in costs, we are on track to double our revenue over the previous year. We were disappointed to announce the closure of Prospus 24/7 but pleased that our mobile development teams flourished. We have completed four 6-figure projects this year, including ER-Central, the largest free online resource for English learners. ER-Central founder and distinguished Professor Warring of Notre Dame Japan recently had this to say about Prospus: “I love working with Marc and his team. They are always available and their rates are fair.”

We will publish our revised 2014 labor rates on January 1, 2014. If you would like a copy, please send an email to If you are our current customer or have already joined our newsletter, you will receive our labor rates through email.

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