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Prospus is pleased to announce the release of our third business-focused product, Prospus Sign. Sign is a robust, single-page cloud app for electronically publishing and signing documents. While many would argue that the digital signature market is saturated, we believe there is an unmet demand for white-label options. Prospus Sign will initially launch as a back-end product, built into our existing suite of tools. We will also be integrating it into client products upon demand.

“We created Prospus Sign to integrate into our forthcoming development platform”, said Prospus President and Founder, Marc Ragsdale. “After showing it to a few of our clients, they asked for it to be built into their own apps. That got us thinking”, he added. We initially planned to market it as a branded, consumer-facing application. However, our clients’ reactions suggested that there was demand for a fully-integrated, white label digital signature solution.

The initial target market for Prospus Sign is mid-volume organizations that sign between 100 and 1000 signatures per month. These businesses value their brand identity and want to provide a seamless, but cost-effective digital signing experience. “These businesses feel that the current e-signature solutions create disjointed user experiences”, Ragsdale said. “They also complain that the e-sign brand ends up front and center, while their own is absent”. Leading solutions like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and even HelloSign, offer white-labeling, but it is often cost-prohibitive for many companies.

After listening to our customers and testing the idea with focus groups, Prospus decided to release our Prospus Sign tool as a back-end tool for developers. Prospus Sign will launch with a number of key functionalities out of the box, including:

  • White Label Branding. Prospus Sign is a back-end product. The Prospus logo is not seen by end-users.
  • Developer-Friendly Integration Toolkit. Prospus Sign is built for integration. Integrate the full solution directly into your own site, web, or mobile app.
  • Form Creator. Create or replicate any type of form for digital handling. Includes the ability to overlay digital signatures on an existing physical copy.
  • Digital Signature. Create and affix secure digital signatures, compliant with U.S. FDA CFR 21 Part 11 requirements.
  • Custom Workflow. Create and reuse custom digital signing workflows. Define multiple roles, and invite parties to assume the roles.

Prospus Sign simplifies offers users a consistently-branded experience throughout the signing process. The barebones user interface allows for endless customization. And the costs are less than half of our larger competitors who dominate the market. “While there are a lot of digital signature solutions in the market, users have to pay more for features we offer out of the box”, said Ragsdale. “We believe that there is a sizeable market demanding integrated, brand-consistent digital signature solutions”, he added.

As businesses become more brand-conscious, Prospus believes the traditional white-labeling model has to change. Prospus Sign is ready for our client brands and experiences right out of the box. Our clients will welcome our low subscription and per-signature prices, open API, and fantastic product support. Menu will be distributed initially as a low-cost, hassle-free subscription model. Prospus Sign integrates seamlessly with the existing Prospus products, Agency and Quality.

If your business needs integrated, brand-consistent digital signatures, consider Prospus Sign. Sign will be available on a subscription, per-sign basis through Prospus directly. Learn more about Prospus Sign, or schedule a demo by contacting us at

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