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Less than one year after the release of our Prospus Agency, we are pleased to announce the release of our second product, Prospus Quality. Quality is a fully customizable web and mobile-based tool for automating quality control processes in collaborative workspaces. We intend to target North American clients with licensed-based pricing initially but will move into additional markets when it makes sense.

“Quality started out as a separate module for tracking bugs in our Prospus Agency application. A client came to us in 2013 asking for a QC app for managing boats, and a light went on,” said Marc Ragsdale, Prospus President, and Founder. “After examining the Agency functionality, we realized we could build any quality control product with this base”. Consequently, Prospus Quality has grown out of a module we had built for software quality control testing.

The target market for the solution is any firm that has to perform unit-wise quality control inspections. For software, the units are specific modules or functions; however, for housing, it could be tailored for government-mandated inspections. “We have explored multiple use cases for this product. We already have one startup signed up to use Quality in the marine vessel space”, Ragsdale said. Prospus Quality provides a number of key modules out of the box, including:

  • Custom Workflow. Create a custom quality review workflow.
  • Role Management. Define and use custom roles with custom permissions within a workflow.
  • Reporting Engine. Generate and distribute customized PDF reports for specific surveys or inspections.
  • Contractor Marketplace. Open jobs to local contractors in a ready-made marketplace.
  • Mobile-Ready. Participate in quality control processes using our native mobile apps.

Prospus Quality simplifies the process of initiating and formalizing quality control processes.  Users can freely define their own units, whether retail spaces, software modules, or home inspections. Then they can create custom workflows matching their own internal quality control procedures. After the initial setup, subscribers will be free to use the interrelated modules they like. “We have designed Prospus Quality as a generic platform for any type of quality control unit and process,” stated Ragsdale.

As quality controls become more important to our products and services, the need for a collaborative platform increases. Prospus Quality provides features that growing companies need without being burdensome. Quality will be sold initially as a development platform for new products, rather than a SAAS-based tool.

If your business is has burdensome manual quality control processes that, consider Prospus Quality. Quality will be available on a subscription, per-seat basis through Prospus directly. Learn more about Prospus Quality, or schedule a demo by contacting us at

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