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After three successful years in Portland, Oregon, Prospus has officially opened its first location in the city of Noida, in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). The center will support our American project staff in the delivery of high quality mobile and web-based software solutions. It will also be tasked with transforming our business, operating and delivery models in order to take advantage of emergent technologies. In India, we are registered as Prospus Consulting Private Limited, and we plan to employ 15 engineers in our first year.

All our existing clients worldwide will now have access to our teams of experts with rich industry and technology expertise. “I am pleased to shift our delivery operations to India, where there are so many talented engineers,” said Marc Ragsdale, President of Prospus. “The Government of India has been so inviting and helpful in assisting us with everything from securing the proper business licenses, to making our first investments.”

Prospus chose Noida over its better-known neighbor Gurgaon for a variety of reasons. Not only are rents higher in Gurgaon, but so are other costs, which we would have to pass onto our customers. While employees love the excitement and vibrancy of Gurgaon, they are also affected by the higher prices for everything from travel and parking to food. We have surveyed local IT professionals, and 90% of those who are qualified to work on our projects said they would prefer a smaller, lesser-known city like Noida to Gurgaon. On top of that, after extensive research into the matter, including discussions with local officials in the Noida Authority, Ragsdale felt that the incentives for building a delivery center in the relatively unknown Noida outweighed the benefits of working in Gurgaon.

As part of its new presence in Noida, Prospus also plans to support various local initiatives that will help prepare students for careers in the IT sector, including giving speeches, seminars and classes at local universities. Among the first initiatives will be a monthly newsletter to college-aged students offering insights on the global IT trends but condensed for the local Indian audience. Ragsdale is particularly excited about extending their prosperity to the Sector 16 neighborhood in which the office will open. Prospus inaugural event will be held on April 11, 2011, attended by representatives from 3 UP-based universities and local officials.


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