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A little after three years in India, Prospus has hit a milestone by hiring its 100th employee at our Noida-based delivery center. “I didn’t expect we would come so far, so quickly”, said Prospus President and Founder, Marc Ragsdale. Noida, often overshadowed by nearby Gurgaon, where 80% of Fortune 500 companies have an office, aspires to re-brand itself as a tech hub in northern India. “When I came here in 2010, Noida was a sleepy suburb. But with costs only 1/3rd of Gurgaon and only an hour drive away, it made sense to consider it”, Ragsdale said. After speaking with local business and public officials from the Noida Authority, Ragsdale was inspired by their vision and decided to root Prospus in Noida.

Three years later, and Prospus has added 100 well-paying jobs to the Noida economy. “Prospus prides itself on paying above-average salaries. Whenever we compare to local businesses, we find that we pay 20-30% above market — and that is in the Delhi/Gurgaon area”, shared Ragsdale. The infusion of good jobs has caught the attention of other local businesses. “We have brought several million into India — and we keep it here. We support local vendors from the chai-wallah all the way up to professional services from CAs, legal counsel, and management consultants”, he added.

This announcement coincides with multiple positive announcements for the Prospus team. Revenues at Prospus, a Portland-based software, and solutions development firm, have doubled every year since 2010. “Hiring will remain our primary focus the remainder of 2014,” said Ragsdale. “I have to give credit to our fantastic HR staff in Noida. They diligently filter through thousands of applications to find the candidates who are the best fit at our company”. Prospus has a unique recruitment process that can expand as required by tapping into local recruiters and consultants. The network and relationships we have built over the past three years ensure we find ambitious, motivated, career-focused IT workers.

According to Prospus HR Manager Ms. Verma, the best thing about the Prospus hiring process is our rigorous, but open-minded standards. “Our process allows us to identify high performance without relying entirely on traditional hiring criteria”, said. Prospus has plans to productize their recruitment process, which has allowed them to scale their organization rapidly without sacrificing workforce quality. As of the publication date of this blog, Prospus currently has 8 open positions, which can be found at our Careers page on our website.


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