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Prospus is pleased to announce the release of our fourth product, Prospus Document. Document is a powerful document management system built using our innovative Prospus Universe platform. Unlike traditional applications, Document works the way we work by emulating a traditional, email-based workflow. It also integrated with our existing suite of Prospus products, including Sign, Agency, and Quality.

“With some of our other products, we have had the makings for a DMS for some time”, said Prospus President and founder, Marc Ragsdale. “As we received more projects for this type of solution, we decided to offer our own. Those who were open to it and gave it a try were positive about it”. Within six months of making the decision to productize the modules, we can now release another valuable product.

While many would think the market is saturated, we believe there is an opening for a simple, low-cost solution. “Document management systems tend to be heavy and difficult to manage”, said Ragsdale. “More than half of the companies that invest into them end up abandoning them. Employees revert back to the various online storage services”. Prospus believes that it can offer an easier system at 50% of the cost of traditional document management systems.

The initial target market for the solution is clients who are already using Prospus products. From there, we will quickly move to target small businesses that know about document management but haven’t taken the leap yet. “We don’t want the burden of educating our customer on document management, however, we do think we offer a compelling alternative for those in the know”, Ragsdale added. Prospus Document provides a number of key functionalities out of the box, including:

  • Secure, role-based file sharing. Files can be saved with additional permission and sharing settings on top.
  • Integrated digital signatures. Integrates with our native digital signature technology, Prospus Sign.
  • Automated workflow. Create a custom process for creating, approving, or distributing access to content.
  • Document creation and versioning. Custom form-builder for replicating existing forms or creating new ones.

Prospus Document simplifies the process of creating and maintaining a consistent structure for organizational documents. It aims to lower the costs of ownership while also significantly reducing the learning curve. “While there are hundreds of document management systems, they all interrupt your workflow”, said Ragsdale. “Document is different because it emulates the way that people work. It naturally extends their workspace, rather than changing it”, he added.

As businesses pursue the elusive goal of a digital office, the demand for document management systems will continue to increase. Prospus Document aims to not only provide features that companies need but to do so effortlessly. Administrators will welcome the way that Document integrates with their current filing systems, while department heads will appreciate the SAAS  model. Document will be distributed initially as a low-cost, hassle-free subscription model. Prospus also has plans to fully integrate Document with its other suite applications. More announcements to follow.

If your business needs digital document management, consider Prospus Document. Document will be available on a subscription, per-sign basis through Prospus directly. Learn more about Prospus Document, or schedule a demo by contacting us at

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