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Since 2011 our slogan at Prospus has been “let’s prosper”. It reflected our President and Founder’s deep-seated belief in equality of prosperity. As a young man, Marc Ragsdale spent the formative years of his 20s in rural Himalayan villages. During that time he developed a deep and strong understanding of the difference in wealth between the US and developing countries. In returning to India, he committed to sharing the wealth and prosperity, not just with neighboring communities, but with employees. As a result, Prospus has consistently ranked one of the best-paying companies in Noida, with salaries often 20-30% higher than similar companies.

“We must always be conscious of the true costs of our business”, Ragsdale announced at the opening of Prospus Consulting Private Limited in Noida, India. “I believe that our employees should be able to support their families with a salary from Prospus. Further, the communities in which we operate should also benefit from the work we are doing”, he added. Though Indian labor rates have grown significantly faster than the global average, some classes of labor are actually declining. Consequently, much of our efforts have been dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable among us, such as low-skilled administrators and non-skilled facility workers.

Ragsdale has directly designed programs for our “office boys” (unskilled, illiterate and semi-literate young men responsible for cleaning the office and). He created incentive plans that increase their annual salary up to 50% if they create and execute interest-earning fixed deposit savings accounts. He has also offered full-paid educational tutorings to help them and their families learn basic English and even earn their grade and high-school level educational diplomas. “There aren’t many social programs available for this group, and even if they were, they often spend their entire day working at an office and taking care of their families work once they leave the office,” Ragsdale said. “So I asked myself, ‘why can’t we do this’?”, he added.

Since our opening in India in April 2011, we have helped over 10 current and former facility employees create and maintain savings accounts, get diplomas, learn how to read, write, and speak basic English, enhance their math skills, get affordable home loans, acquire essential documents such as driver licenses, and more. In Hindi, one employee who has been with Prospus since opening in 2011, said, “Thanks to Prospus and Sir [Ragsdale], my family has a savings account in a bank and I have my grade school educational certificate”.

While our “let’s prosper” slogan will continue to appear on our various internal materials and guide employee and community relations, it will be replaced by our new slogan on client and public-facing content. “When I ask myself what we do exceptionally well, it has to be helping clients with all aspects of their tech company. We started with web development in 2008, but now we offer the full life-cycle of software services, from up-front consultation to devops, development, support and even investment”, shared Ragsdale. Further, we wanted to strike a collaborative tone that reflects our work culture. After months of deliberations, and over 100 suggestions from staff and clients, we settled on our new slogan: Let us handle the software part of your business.

Tell us if you like our new slogan, and feel that it effectively describes the Prospus way and the services we provide!

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