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Prospus and Lelogix have announced a new joint venture that will target government services. By combining Prospus’ experience in the private sector, with Lelogix’ experience in offering governmental services, LelogixProspus is able to offer highly competitive services perfectly adapted for the public sector.

LelogixProspus is targeting the Carribean market, with projects such as CAMS (Citizenship Application Management System) and SigTas, among others. CAMS is one of the company’s flagship products, which has been designed to augment the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). As a web based integrated software solution, CAMS offers numerous benefits such as reduced processing time, managed workflow capabilities, increased overall staff productivity, and increased security/accountability.

Other services/products target customs, excise, taxation and revenue offices. The company is looking to translate the proven effectiveness of enterprise applications for the public sector, in order to empower both citizens and government officials.

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