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We are proud to announce that we will be representing India at the Open Source Summit in Japan. The Open Source Summit is a leading technology and open source conference held in Japan, where industry leaders, developers, devops, and sysadmins meet to collaborate and share information in order to gain a competitive edge in their fields. With sub-conferences such as LinuxCon, CloudOpen and ContainerCon, the Open Source Summit connects all the elements of the open source ecosystem, presenting a giant opportunity for all participants. The Summit also covers emerging technologies and latest trends within the field, including AI, edge computing, serverless, networking and many others.

Held between June 20th and the 22nd, at the Tokyo Conference Center Ariake, The Open Source Summit is sponsored by Fujitsu, Hitachi, Azure, OpenSDS and RedHat, to name just a few. The list of speakers includes Jim Zemlin, the executive director of The Linux Foundation, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, Michelle Noorali, the senior software engineer at Microsoft Azure, and Masato Endo, the project manager of the Connected Car Technology-related IP group in the Toyota IP Division.

We hope to meet many of you at the Summit, exchange ideas and see what the future has in store for open source technology. Open source has played a major role in the app development industry, with frameworks such as React Native, PhoneGap, and Appcelerator, and we are seeing a burgeoning trend of Linux-based mobile operating systems such as Tizen, Librem, and postmarketOS. We are looking forward to adding Prospus’ vision to the collective open source initiative this upcoming week.

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