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In keeping with our strong history of regularly releasing useful solutions, Prospus is pleased to announce the release of our eighth product, Prospus Menu. Quality is a customizable web and mobile-based tool for creating useful digital signage and menu-boards for retail locations, trade shows, classrooms, and more. While there are a number of options in the market today, we believed there was an opening for a simple, low-cost solution requiring no additional purchases. We are launching worldwide, and already have our first five paying customers in the US.

“Prospus Menu was actually suggested to us by a client of ours in Alaska. His operation was in need of digital signage, and he approached us for a solution. After looking into it, we realized that the solution he needed, was needed by many others”, said Prospus President and Founder, Marc Ragsdale. After two months of discussions, Prospus decided to invest into a digital signage solution in early 2018. “The digital signage solution is actually larger than one would think, but the solutions on offer are complex”. Prospus believes that it can undercut its competitors by 50%, not by reducing margins, but by building and delivering the solution more efficiently.

The initial target market for the solution is retail locations who need attractive and interactive digital signs. Our target customer frequently modifies their signs, but have very little time or experience working with software. “Their business is delighting people, and we want to free them to do that”, said Ragsdale. The Prospus Menu technology is so simple it can be easily operated with very little time commitment from your mobile phone. It doesn’t require any complex external devices, downloads, or installations. “If you have a phone or computer with a browser and a smart TV, then you can use our product”, Ragsdale stated. Prospus Menu provides a number of key functionalities out of the box, including:

  • Output to Any Device. Any digital sign or menu created using Prospus Menu can be output to any device, from smart TVs to phones or tablets. Output to any device anywhere in the world.
  • Interactive Digital Sign. Create a custom digital sign using any colors, images or text. Signs are fully touch-enabled, providing customers and employees and interactive experience.
  • Interactive Digital Menu. Create a custom digital menu using data from any ERP, inventory system, or API-enabled database. Prices and availability can update in real-time.
  • Template Library. Use one of our hundreds of existing templates to build attractive, modern signs and menus.

Prospus Menu simplifies the process of building and displaying digital menus and signs. The simple back-end provides everything the user needs in an easy-to-use format. “While there are a lot of digital signage solutions, they are all complex to administer”, said Ragsdale. Prospus has a history of building software for saturated markets but finding a place by simplifying it. “Businesses need digital signs. But they don’t want to spend the time learning and configuring them. That is where we excel”, he added.

As businesses invest more in their physical spaces to differentiate themselves, the need for digital signage will increase. Prospus Menu provides features that companies need without being difficult to learn and manage. Store-owners welcome the low-cost, pay-as-you-go SAAS model. Menu will be distributed initially as a low-cost, hassle-free subscription model. Prospus also has plans to expand its on-site offerings by merging Menu with its other products.

If your business needs digital signage or menus to engage your customers, consider Prospus Menu. Menu will be available on a subscription, per-sign basis through Prospus directly. Learn more about Prospus Menu, or schedule a demo by contacting us at

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