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The Prospus group of companies announced the launch of its newly-revamped website today. The new website offers quick and easy access to essential information, while more prominently featuring our own products and accomplishments. “Over 10 years, Prospus has launched over 50 products, hundreds of web, mobile and cloud apps, and thousands of websites. Our customers often don’t realize the extent of our achievements and capabilities,” shared Prospus President and Founder Marc Ragsdale. “With our new website, we will more readily show and demonstrate our expertise,” he added.

The new website has a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality, and rich content focused on telling the Prospus story. Additionally, we have consolidated our information about our eight business products so our customers can find the right solution more easily. We have integrated our live employee and customer management portal directly into our website so that our customers can more easily track their work and pay outstanding invoices through their own dashboard. And customers and prospects alike will appreciate our new live chat feature, providing instant access to the right Prospus employee.

We will update our website on a regular basis with important announcements, product news, business activity, and headlines pertinent to our customers. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for our informative newsletter. The new website goes live today, August 1, 2018 and is located at the same address.

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