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After entering into a partnership with Prospus, Lelogix, the prolific builders of e-government applications used primarily in the Caribbean countries, have decided to re-brand their entire line of software solutions. Given Prospus’ expertise in product design and packaging and our recently-solidified partnership, we were given the task of re-drawing the product lines and communicating them through new branding. We took it upon ourselves to reorganize the Lelogix suite of solutions to more clearly communicate their function and value in the marketplace.

Going forward, the Lelogix solution for handling the needs of the various Inland Revenue Departments of several Caribbean countries will be rebranded as IRD+. “The Lelogix IRD solution is very well-known within the Caribbean countries because of its role within the taxation process”, shared Prospus President and Founder, Marc Ragsdale. “For our team, it was a matter of communicating the breadth and strength of the Lelogix brand by tying all their products together into a single, recognizable package”, added Ragsdale. Since its creation in 2008, Prospus has been involved in hundreds of successful product re-branding efforts.

IRD+ will sport a new logo and user interface, created by Prospus. The audience will immediately recognize the application’s relationship to Lelogix flagship CAMS software built for the St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment (CBI) in 2013. Prospus finalized re-branding efforts on that property prior to their attendance at the Caribbean Investment Summit in St. Kitts. “After months of research and hard work, we can see a higher level of branding consistency between the Lelogix solutions. We look forward to extending this into the rest of their suite of applications”, added Ragsdale.


Since the IRD+ application has been successfully used for years in several Caribbean countries, Prospus focused on understanding what the actual users felt about the software. As one can expect from government administrators, they all emphasized endorsed the security, reliability, and convenience of the tool. “I remember how we managed taxation before IRD. I interact with Lelogix IRD daily in my job as a tax administrator, and I can’t explain how much it has improved our efficiency. Processing timelines have gone from months to days in many cases”, commented one satisfied government official working with the St. Kitts Inland Revenue Department. In re-branding the tool, Prospus emphasized the efficiency of the tool.

The rebranding of IRD+ is the second step in a planned series of projects aimed at overhauling the Lelogix brand of e-government solutions. In addition to product repackaging, Prospus will also be enhancing the design and UI of the products. “Our primary goal is to emphasize the interrelatedness of all of the Lelogix solutions”, shared Ragsdale. The ideal outcome would be a universal user interface similar to the Prospus Universe product — a domain where Prospus’ expertise is unparalleled.

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