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With more advanced and increasingly affordable digital devices, the proliferation of the internet has been bolstered. This is redefining customer experience delivery and collaboration. Businesses can reach out to customer in altogether new ways and transform the way communication and collaboration takes place.

Sharing and collaboration together cultivate a stomping ground for innovative outcomes. Technology is the bridge interfacing resources and people who consume them. The internet does not merely connect people, but it facilitates continuous and ongoing engagement across many dimensions such as emails, social media channels, maps, VoIP and as well as across a multitude of increasingly diverse digital form factors. This is causing innovation to take place at a rapid pace for those businesses who are able to tap into its potential.

When information from different sources is combined, an entirely new spectrum of services can be generated. But although the idea of sharing may sound quite simple, creating a sharing economy built upon a structure that delivers reliable resources and high quality standards – eliminating redundancy, silos and noise – is complex. Sharing resources freely and openly requires a robust, scalable model. And so the key is creating a sustainable structure that results in collaboration and sharing – to achieve sustainable business models that collectively accomplish innovation as an outcome. Here, the contribution of technology is indispensable.

We have already witnessed the power of sharing and how technology has transformed the sharing economy into a market whose reach is tremendous and opportunities limitless. And new, emerging ventures continue to prove how harnessing the power of sharing and collaboration can transform lives and put innovation in the fast lane.

Technology has enabled us to redefine sharing and collaboration in entirely new ways leading to exciting new developments. Emerging businesses and start-ups have leveraged it to unfold a gamut of new opportunities. As the market matures and with growing receptivity and acceptance for disruptive products and services, sharing and collaboration promises to sky-rocket to phenomenal new heights. Those businesses that are agile, innovative and forward-thinking, and place tech at the forefront, will undoubtedly gain a distinct competitive advantage over others. Those who fail to recognize the power of tech may not survive. Sharing and collaboration provide businesses immense opportunities for collective value-creation. It can help create new ideas, establish successful ventures, and ultimately, allow people to reap the benefits in boundless new ways.  

How do we facilitate sharing, collaboration and innovation in today’s digital age characterized by great opportunities that remain buried under heaps of unsubstantiated clatter? The answer to that  is in providing a common playground for thinkers, innovators, risk-takers and problem-solvers to come and play, together.

Created with a unique blend of game-mechanics in non-gaming contexts and crowdsourced ideas for innovation, Entropolis brings a disruptive engagement model that enables value-creation in new, unprecedented ways.

The authors, Tania Price and Marc Ragsdale are together working on an innovative new technology platform designed for entrepreneurs in Australia: Tania Price is the CEO of Entropolis Pty. Ltd. and Marc holds the position of CTO. Marc is an American entrepreneur and Founder & President of Prospus, LLC, USA and Prospus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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