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Gamification and crowdsourcing are not entirely new ideas, but recent developments in technology have given them a new platform to foster innovation. Businesses – large and small – have brought gamification into certain areas of their operations and reaped immense benefits. Apple and Google have exploited crowdsourcing methods to refine speech recognition algorithms which are now powering Siri and Google.

Gamification infuses excitement and interest in task performance. For businesses who have been able to effectively execute the technique, gamification has led to improving workforce engagement, new customer acquisitions, retention and loyalty. In the same way, crowdsourcing can contribute in making intelligence more collective, voluntary and democratized. And businesses who have implemented the process in the right way have been able to successfully create many profitable scenarios.

Technology is creating rapid paradigm shifts and it is no longer big corporations that are driving the market. As a matter of fact, being more agile, lean and receptive to radically new rules of engagement, upcoming start-up businesses are well-poised to leverage these trends better through the use of technology.

One Australian start-up is working toward bringing a unique blend of gamified business and crowdfunded intelligence into one comprehensive social platform – Entropolis. Entropolis is created for and grown by entrepreneurs. It engages its community members, who are aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture, or established entrepreneurs planning to grow and/or diversify their venture, in a gamified play-field that helps them achieve transformative results for their ventures. It provides a rich database of vital resources, advice and mentorship – optimising crowdsourced contributions to gather and re-share knowledge like never before.

The authors, Tania Price and Marc Ragsdale are together working on an innovative new technology platform designed for entrepreneurs in Australia: Tania Price is the CEO of Entropolis Pty. Ltd. and Marc holds the position of CTO. Marc is an American entrepreneur and Founder & President of Prospus, LLC, USA and Prospus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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