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There’s tons of content you’ll come across if you look for the phrase challenges of being an entrepreneur. We all know it, it is not a piece of cake and it’s never going to be. An entrepreneur’s life is never an easy one. For the record, nine out of ten start-ups fail – fact coming from silicon valley. This isn’t to discourage our aspiring entrepreneurs, in fact, if you’re still going to read on, you’re definitely passionate and confident about your business idea. and that is the greatest driving force.

We know it isn’t a straight road and there isn’t a fast-lane to overnight success. Entrepreneurship is a truly life-changing experience. It takes tremendous courage. There’s great effort needed. There’s risk of failure; and if things works out, there’s boundless rewards. It may work, or it may not. Either way, the learning is priceless. So what prevents you from pushing yourself and embarking on the journey to setting up your own venture?

Lack of vital resources, advice, engagement, idea-sharing and exchange are perhaps some of the most pressing concerns and the most common challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs are constantly faced with. These challenges often prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from taking those first steps to potentially establishing a successful venture. So if the concerns, challenges, needs, aspirations and goals of all entrepreneurs are essentially the same, wouldn’t it be great to bring successful and aspiring entrepreneurs all together onto a common platform where they could discuss, share, collaborate, ideate and try to address and overcome challenges together?

This is what we, as entrepreneurs ourselves, decided to do to help fellow entrepreneurs. We have been through this journey ourselves and have faced the same challenges. And we were left wondering: “why isn’t there a solution”? What if there was one centralized, common, sharing platform available to like-minded people with similar ideas, needs, aspirations and a common vision for success? So we started working hard to bring to our aspiring entrepreneurs a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive collaborative ecosystem built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Now going back to our earlier concern about start-up failures, and perhaps doing a little bit of root-cause analysis of it, failure is undoubtedly the most critical factor in the game. So how can we help entrepreneurs minimize chances of failure, counter setbacks, overcome hurdles and rebound after fatal mistakes in the best possible way? One of the most effective ways of helping aspiring entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls is to consistently provide them with rich advice, guidance and insight for more accurate decision-making. And if advice came from successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, the benefits delivered to new start-ups or growing ventures could be immense.

Though this platform, we are setting out to change the game, to up the ante, and to foster innovation and success for the entrepreneurial community of Australia.

The authors, Tania Price and Marc Ragsdale are together working on an innovative new technology platform designed for entrepreneurs in Australia: Tania Price is the CEO of Entropolis Pty. Ltd. and Marc holds the position of CTO. Marc is an American entrepreneur and Founder & President of Prospus, LLC, USA and Prospus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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