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WordPress intimidates many. They think about having to install this complicated software and deal with updating plugins.

It is also why many people opt for a simple website builder like Wix or Squarespace. Little do people know that WordPress is more than an easy portal for creating websites.

In this article, I will quickly share five good reasons you should use WordPress to create your website.

1. WordPress Is Free and Open-Source

WordPress is revolutionary among content management systems for its accessibility and cost.

Since WordPress is open-source, there are no license fees or expensive software upgrades. Instead, users and developers collaborate to publish code modifications that benefit everyone.

While WordPress is free to download, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting to install it. For cheap shared servers, expect to pay $3 per month; for more robust options, hundreds.

2. WordPress Is Versatile and Customizable

While the CMS was initially meant for blogging, it’s evolved beyond that.

You can now use it to run your business, build a virtual classroom, create a forum, power social media campaigns, and much more.

Thanks to technological advances and helpful plugins, you can also set up an online store using WordPress.

In short: if you’re looking for a versatile yet reliable platform to create something unique, WordPress is well worth considering.

3. WordPress Is a Popular CMS With a Large Community

W3Techs reports that half of all business websites use WordPress. It has 60 million active users and receives 2 million downloads per year.

WordPress’s strength also lies in its vast community of developers. With more than 55,000 available plugins at, everything from blog templates to newsletter subscriptions is available.

WordPress is fueled by developers, designers, bloggers, educators, web admins, and business owners. They share information, work on projects together, and help WordPress newcomers.

4. WordPress Is Secure and Reliable

Website and CMS security is an ever-evolving challenge. As new security threats emerge, it’s important to use a secure platform.

The best tactic to secure your website or CMS is to use the latest WordPress CMS version and any other components you use (e.g., themes and plugins).

Keeping everything up to date is the best way to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers in the ongoing war against them.

Overall, online security requires constant attention and vigilance, as well as a platform like WordPress that works hard to keep users safe.

5. WordPress Is Best for SEO

WordPress is the go-to choice for SEO optimization. Many WordPress plugins make it easy to add SEO tags and metadata to posts, which helps a website’s SEO.

WordPress also offers users an array of helpful SEO tools, such as XML sitemaps and social media integrations that encourage high levels of web traffic.

Additionally, WordPress sites are known for their fast loading times, which further enhance a website’s position in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The Bottom Line

WordPress is simply unparalleled in the world of website content management systems. It provides an easy-to-navigate, secure platform and is a versatile tool for creating websites.

I hope I’ve answered your question, “Why Use WordPress?” If someone asks you the same question, point them to this post.

The answer is clear: WordPress is here to stay.







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