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Transparency and Organization in Boat Maintenance
How VesselWise Makes Boat Maintenance Hassle-Free

August, 2015

The one aspect of boat ownership that owners would agree they enjoy the least is maintenance. It’s not that owners don’t appreciate that an asset so valuable and personal will require diligent maintenance, but rather logistical problems associated with surveying, maintenance and warranty management make the maintenance process unnecessarily difficult for boat owners.  

Boats have so many complex systems on board that problems inevitably develop with at least one of them. If these issues are not dealt with properly and quickly, they can completely compromise the boat’s safety and integrity as well as decrease the boat’s market value.

The problem that owner-operators, captains and yacht managers face when seeking maintenance is that the warranty management process lacks transparency and coordination. Maritime service professionals are unable to effectively communicate with each other to deliver timely and quality service to the owners. The resulting lack of coordination results in delays, omissions and technical errors.

The underlying challenge is that despite the best intentions of maritime service professionals to deliver top-quality service, there is a lack of effective tools that enable them to collaborate with each other and with boat owners. In the absence of a common collaborative channel, service professionals can’t identify and resolve vessel-related issues efficiently, making warranty management a cumbersome process. In the end, it is the buyer who ultimately suffers, feeling underserved and dissatisfied by poor service.

Fortunately, VesselWise brings a technology-powered solution that addresses these challenges.

VesselWise is a powerful surveying tool. The key to effective boat maintenance is identifying critical issues and reporting them to warranty managers and contractors quickly. Many owners, captains and managers have a hard time keeping track of the many issues that arise and reporting them in an accurate and timely manner. As an end-to-end vessel-issues management software, VesselWise addresses this problem at its source, beginning with a surveying tool to capture issues.

Using the VesselWise mobile app for iPhone or Android, users can quickly capture images of any issues they identify on board, add notes and upload them directly to the software platform, where they are stored in a maintenance queue.

VesselWise introduces a systematized workflow engine. Whether queued issues are resolved immediately or flagged for review by a surveyor, every survey item goes through a systematized workflow that ensures it is addressed in a transparent and fully curated manner. With tasks and operations smartly automated, VesselWise creates a streamlined workflow that is hassle-free, organized and fully documented. Not only does this increased efficiency create greater value to owners by improving the quality of maritime services, it also increases their vessel’s market value with complete records of its inspection and service history, including dialogue between warranty managers and contractors.  

Ultimately, VesselWise ensures boat owners spend more time doing what they like best—enjoying their boats on the water—while service providers take care of all the issues in a timely, transparent and efficient manner.  

To learn more about VesselWise and how it works, contact us.

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