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The Case for New Builds
How VesselWise Looks to Improve the New-Build Process

August, 2015

A new build project requires a great deal of planning and execution. Depending on the size and type of yacht and the requirements of the buyer, a new build project can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months—or even years.

Why owners want new builds: There are many reasons buyers want newly built custom yachts. Among them, new builds give buyers:

  •     Complete customization, including limitless choice across all aspects of the build
  •     The ability to provide their input in the yacht’s design
  •     An opportunity to be innovative and add all their desired gadgets and technology


The satisfying experience of deep involvement in building their dream yacht

New-boat buyers, who are typically long-time owners of sizeable yachts or owners who have previously owned a smaller yacht, like the idea of getting involved in the construction of their next new yacht. Not only does it give them a yacht that is tailored to their specific taste, style and design requirements, it also gives them an exciting opportunity to be innovative and personalize their much-cherished possession. It makes the yacht even more special.

The need for project management: No matter how experienced a boat owner may be, when it comes to new builds, one cannot stress enough the need for project management. Owners want to be actively involved in the project because it’s exciting to be part of the build. However, as engaged as they may be, they probably won’t be physically present at the building site most of the time. In many cases, their builder will be constructing the yacht thousands of miles away from them, perhaps even in a different country. And even if they are close enough to visit the site where their vessel is being constructed, they may be busy managing their personal business. This is where project management becomes necessary.

Hiring a surveyor or a consultant: To ensure the build goes smoothly when practicalities prevent their full attention to all details, owners hire a surveyor or a consultant as a project manager to oversee the construction of their yacht. As a liaison with the builder acting on behalf of the owner, the project manager’s day-to-day attention and expertise provides assurance and peace of mind for the owner by ensuring that the milestones, quality standards and all other critical requirements he set out are met. This way, the owner can be personally involved in the project while also getting critical updates and advice from an experienced marine professional dedicated to ensuring high-quality construction of his yacht.

However, expertise alone won’t guarantee a successful build. Effective coordination among all parties is also key. As far as the owner is concerned, he pays the project manager to work with the builder, so it’s extremely critical that the project manager communicate effectively with the builder whenever needed. Of course, with many parties involved in the construction process, collaboration becomes a complex affair. VesselWise was developed with all these challenges in mind.  

VesselWise for new builds: VesselWise helps improve the new-build process for maritime service professionals by providing them an effective surveying, communication, coordination and project management tool. It streamlines communication between surveyors, builders, dealers and, of course, owners at all stages of the process. Surveyors, for example, can consistently record status, issues and updates on construction using the VesselWise mobile app and then report it all to the owner in a convenient and efficient manner. VesselWise brings greater satisfaction to those opting for new builds by ensuring project managers can do their job effectively while enabling owners to remain fully informed and involved in the construction of their new yacht with minimal effort.

To learn more about VesselWise and how it works, contact us.

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