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After working with our new partner Preccelerator® for the past month, we have published a detailed set of benefits for their alumni. Preccelerator helps startup founders by removing some of the hurdles along the way to success. From setting up all the incorporation, contracts and equity structures, to offering real-time legal and transactional advice, interim office space, mentorship opportunities, and access to a strategic perks portfolio, they ensure that a select group of startups get a leg up. Early-stage startups can benefit greatly from joining Preccelerator, as they take their idea from the paper to a full-fledged funded company.

As one of a select few vendors invited to participate in the Preccelerator partnership program, Prospus is pleased to announce the following services for all Preccelerator alumni:

  • Smart Offshoring Assessment. Offshoring does not always make sense, but when it does, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Prospus can help companies evaluate their readiness for working with distributed teams, and then guide them in building those teams from the ground up into functional, integrated units based on skill, technological and operational requirements.
  • Labor Services. We offer a variety of labor ranging from junior to senior-level experts at every stage of the software development life-cycle. We provide houly and project-based labor as well as dedicated resources in the following areas: Architecture, Design, UI/UX, Development, QA and DevOps.
  • Virtual CTO. While a CTO is generally one of the most important early hires in funded tech startups, they often end up performing low-value work which can be handled more efficiently by lower-cost remote workers. Prospus can help Preccelerator startups evaluate and integrate a part-time Virtual CTO into their operation to reduce costs, optimize technology decisions, and maximize resources.
  • Technology Turnaround. When misguided technology decisions are leading to missed deadlines, product shortcomings, and functional limitations, Prospus can quickly come in, efficiently assess past decisions, identify the trouble spots, and create a roadmap to recovery.
  • Technology Due Diligence. Is the right technology being chosen for a project? Are budgetary and feature expectations realistic? Prospus can evaluate past, existing or planned technology decisions and provide an impartial outside perspective. We are adept at finding sub-optimal decisions and missed opportunities in tech products from the process level through to the database, logic, user interface, server and delivery layers.

Startups that work with Preccelerator also have access to customized curriculum workshops, mentorship programs, a perks portfolio that has over $450,000 worth of discounted services and benefits, and a network of investors that will help fund valuable ideas. With Prospus, founders can be assured of mentorship and advising at the highest level, followed by affordable implementation if services are required. We will be extending the following as a perk to any company affiliated with Preccelerator:

  • Free Smart Offshoring Assessment. A free analysis of a company’s technology needs in terms of offshoring, current or planned.
  • Discounted Services. An instant 10% discount on any service we offer for one full year.
  • Discounted Prepaid Services. An instant 15% discount on prepaid services of $50,000 or more.
  • Equity for Discounts. Additional service discounts for equity stakes, where there is mutual interest.

We are excited to be associated with the Preccelerator Program, and specifically thank COO Heidi Hubbeling for her vision and support in crafting our perks package. We have already started working with some promising startups.

Prospus is a proud to join luminary companies such as Google, HubSpot, Amazon, Facebook and SendGrid as a Preccelerator Partner. As a partner, we offer a number of benefits to alumni of the program, including free consultations, app evaluations, and other valuable perks. You can learn more about Prospus and Preccelerator here.

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