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September 19th, 2014

Mobile apps are everywhere. The number of smartphone users is rapidly growing across global markets and across industries, and businesses are making the most of the app revolution by integrating mobile into their marketing strategies.

Users are increasingly turning to handheld devices to browse the internet, meanwhile businesses are responding to user needs by rolling out mobile-centric marketing campaigns and dedicated mobile applications for their new products and services, all designed to be compatible with different mobile devices and mobile operating systems.

Mobile apps are becoming very effective strategic tools for businesses to interact with their customers, to allow customers to interact with them, and to enable customers to interact with one another—in effect, creating a collaborative ecosystem. The effectiveness of a business’s mobile initiative, however, will depend on the quality of its delivery, which makes mobile apps very critical business assets. Apps that are interactive, easy to use, reliable and secure is what every business wants. But as simple and straightforward as it seems, numerous businesses struggle with this key aspect of their mobile strategy, leaving their mobile initiatives ineffective. But, when executed effectively, mobile strategies can deliver tremendous business results, including deeper market penetration, increased sales, better marketing and messaging delivery, more personalized engagement and, ultimately, enhanced customer loyalty.

In today’s consumerized marketplace, users have the power to decide exactly how and where they would like to make their purchasing decisions, requiring businesses to respond to rapidly changing consumer behavior. In this process, mobile and apps are playing a game-changing role. The app revolution poses a challenge, but offers a much bigger opportunity. How businesses respond is what will differentiate the successful ones from those that struggle.

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