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Technology is causing massive disruptions across virtually every industry, redefining staid business models and forcing rapid, often uncomfortable shifts in the way businesses operate. The digital economy is paving additional pathways for delivering innovation like never before, bringing with it all of the characteristics of a paradigm shift.

One of the biggest positives that has emerged with this new economy is the vibrant start-up culture. New businesses are introducing radical, new ideas that are transforming legacy decision-making corporate archetypes and in the process, redefining old-school rules of starting and growing a business. They are able to do this because they are more agile, flexible and do not carry the weight of the legacy-burden. They are extremely receptive to new technology and are exploiting the power of digital in the most unprecedented fashion.

The new digital economy creates tremendous opportunities for online collaboration and vital resource-sharing for emerging start-up businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as existing businesses looking to grow rapidly. And recognizing the potential of digital technology, established businesses are now looking to expand and reach out to customers in new ways. They are progressively making steady headways to technology adoption to reap its benefits, and in many ways, to avoid gradual extinction.

We have already witnessed the vast potential of digital technology with the rise of numerous silicon-valley based start-ups creating a series of major success stories. But the power of digital is available to the entire global economy. Digital technology has the potential of connecting people and resources in every corner of the world. Technology has the power to proliferate innovation, and innovation is visibly growing far beyond the silicon valley. The next decade must surely witness successful ventures emerging outside of America. A new revolutionary new idea that can bring about a completely new offerings in a truly disruptive way.  

An Australian-based start-up is doing just that. Entropolis truly leverages the power of digital to redefine traditional engagement models businesses. It is built to provide a powerful and unique collaboration platform to the entire Australian community of entrepreneurs to help them to make the most of the limitless possibilities of digital business.

Entropolis introduces this innovative initiative to the entrepreneurial community through a fully curated online ecosystem built upon the online, social convergence of individual (established and aspiring) entrepreneurs. It provides them unique access to vital resources, knowledge and advice through online convergence – in turn enabling them to grow their business venture in the real world.

Entropolis is targeted toward aspiring and successful entrepreneurs looking to:

  • start a new venture;
  • further expand, improve, diversify or grow their business;
  • mentor, help and guide fellow entrepreneurs by offerings expert advice and real-life experiences;
  • bring together investors and mentors on the one hand, and entrepreneurs looking to start a new business or expand or improve their existing business

The authors, Tania Price and Marc Ragsdale are together working on an innovative new technology platform designed for entrepreneurs in Australia: Tania Price is the CEO of Entropolis Pty. Ltd. and Marc holds the position of CTO. Marc is an American entrepreneur and Founder & President of Prospus, LLC, USA and Prospus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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