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Websites are a transitional form only and will not be around in ten years. Further, the race to capture generic data and erect a paywall around its use will seem outdated. Data will be librerated from these restrictive formats and distributed and consumed as necessary.

Marc J Ragsdale

We need Commodity Functionality, core functionality that enables communication, collaboration and creation should be public domain; in order for software to evolve, we have to escape the limited function, shrinkwrap mindset where companies rush to market with incremental or insignificant changes upon existing functionality packaged to sell.

Marc J Ragsdale

In order to realize true freedom of information, data and information privacy needs to be built-in, from the very beginning.

Marc J Ragsdale

In order to meet the digital demands of the next generation of software users, we need to transform software from the ground up. The current paradigm needs to change.

Marc J Ragsdale

Software is about relationships.

Marc J Ragsdale

We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.

Carl Sagan

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