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The growth of internet-based networking and collaboration has contributed to the creation of a global playground for people to share and discuss ideas like never before. Professional social networking channels, if optimally utilized, can potentially deliver immense benefits for people. And so certain businesses have leveraged the professional social networking space to help entrepreneurs in many successful ways. However, as with any technology trend, the initial mainstream adoption, while expanding reach and usage, also brings forward its share of challenges. This is not at all bad. It promotes healthy competition and allows businesses to evolve their products while also giving rise to competitors who bring new alternatives, often richer and more powerful.  

The major challenge that social networks currently face is noise. When there are far too many perspectives and redundant resources – it renders the basic useful objective, for which the network created, worthless. So for any social platform that engages people who come together to collaborate with a common objective of deriving profitable outcomes, quality and vetting is critical.

The idea of professional social networking is not to simply create a huge network of contacts that becomes so large and unmanageable that the real purpose behind building it is defeated. The objective should be to create a quality network of likeminded professionals who engage in a highly qualified and vetted environment; and where the purpose is to connect with a clear objective of accomplishing business-goals and deriving  mutually benefitting results.

Moreover, what would really go a long way in helping entrepreneurs is an ecosystem that offers a full 360-degree perspective into the details that go into founding, running and growing a business. It should provide the whole gamut of those critical and useful resources which would help aspiring entrepreneurs move forward with their ideas and established entrepreneurs in taking their ventures to the next level.

With this in mind, we created Entropolis.

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The authors, Tania Price and Marc Ragsdale are together working on an innovative new technology platform designed for entrepreneurs in Australia: Tania Price is the CEO of Entropolis Pty. Ltd. and Marc holds the position of CTO. Marc is an American entrepreneur and Founder & President of Prospus, LLC, USA and Prospus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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