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Get an estimate
for your app
in 2 minutes

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  • Note that offshore labor may not work in the same timezone and there may be noticeable cultural and communication differences.
  • This is important information and will tell us approximately how big your app is.
  • An email login is generally best to start with unless your app requires tight integration with one or more social media accounts.
  • There are some core features that most mobile apps have.
  • If your app needs data or information from a website, then we need to build an API (application programming interface) to allow them to talk to each other. For example, a restaurant menu app may connect to a website to download new menu items added by the restaurant staff.
  • There are
  • This will tell us how much effort we need to put into the initial analysis of your solution. The more information you have, the less we have to work to define and understand it.
  • Administrative features are critical for managing your app, its users, and content. It will also tell administrators how it is being used.
  • Custom gestures, custom buttons, custom transitions and multiple drafts of designs will cost more to provide.
  • Screen designs are usually built with Photoshop or various online tools. They show what each screen looks like and are often accompanied by annotations describing how the screen functions. Having the designs ready can save a lot of time and effort.
  • A profile means that some of the users will need to enter information about themselves that is useful to the app or the community. For example, a dating app might require each user to create a profile describing their dating preferences.
  • Security is a critical consideration for all apps, even if you aren't sure what is required. Any kind of app that stores private user details