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Tech and Mobility Come to Maritime Services
VesselWise Uses Technology and Mobility to Simplify Boat Ownership

August 2015

Over the past decade, technology has brought tremendous improvements to the way buyers consume products and services. It has not only enhanced service delivery, but also improved customer engagement by creating a key touchpoint between service providers and buyers. Service providers can now interact with buyers throughout the sales lifecycle—from closely and actively engaging with potential buyers to understand what they want to delivering the right products and services, and finally, providing timely and high-quality after-sale service.

In this way, technology has helped many businesses understand and serve their customers better. And while technology continues to play a big role in transforming customer-service delivery across many industries, the maritime services industry, unfortunately, has not yet seen most of these benefits. This is what the creators of VesselWise hope to change.

VesselWise is a mobile, cloud-based software solution for the management of warranty and service-related issues on marine vessels. It addresses the logistical challenges in boat surveys and maintenance by enabling real-time collaboration between all parties involved in the identification and resolution of vessel-related issues. These include owners, captains, managers, surveyors, dealers, warranty managers and contractors. For all users, VesselWise packages an array of technology-driven tools in an innovative software platform to eliminate the maintenance hassles commonly faced by owners.

VesselWise provides a mobility advantage. Using a powerful, easy-to-use mobile app, VesselWise offers a compact software tool that can be used anytime anywhere to help marine surveyors quickly capture issues on board. Traditionally, surveyors have been performing surveys using a notepad (sometimes accompanied with a camera) to capture issues. They then refer to their handwritten notes from the survey to produce their final survey report. VesselWise radically improves this age-old, cumbersome process.

The VesselWise mobile app allows surveyors to photograph, notate and immediately upload all survey items to a cloud server. They are then stored in a queue for resolution. All survey items allow for descriptions, photos, videos, recommendations (if any) and captions or comments. This organized, detailed and easily accessible record creates transparency for the boat owner, captain or manager with a full log of the vessel’s service history and any dialogue with warranty representatives, insurance providers and contractors.

VesselWise streamlines project management. VesselWise is unique in that, for the first time, it allows users to track vessel maintenance from start to finish. In addition to logging, organizing and storing survey items, it also provides complete task and operations management features that enable clear communication among all users. This dialogue between owners and service providers is streamlined through carefully organized workflow management features. All users can easily collaborate following project management best practices so that every survey item is either resolved or closed, as appropriate, leaving no issues unaddressed.

VesselWise promotes engagement. With critical functionality for every user involved in the maintenance of a vessel, VesselWise keeps all service providers fully engaged in the service delivery lifecycle. This engagement brings greater efficiency to the process, resulting in faster service and greater transparency for the owner. VesselWise also offers versions of the app specially built for captains and crew, owners and other service professionals to make engagement even easier.

VesselWise has been developed to specifically address the needs of the maritime services industry. It is designed around the challenges faced by boat owners and resolves them by bringing information technology best practices to vessel survey and maintenance.

VesselWise is bringing cutting edge management tools to an industry that has thus far been technologically underserved. Combining systems architecture techniques for effective task and operations management and mobility for a hassle-free customer experience, VesselWise is poised to revolutionize the maritime services industry.

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