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As announced in our earlier article, Prospus sent a team to the 2018 Open Source Summit in Tokyo between June 20-22. Prospus is strongly committed to open source technologies and contributing back to the community, and have been attending open source congregations since we started in 2011.

While it was good to hear about various new innovations happening in Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud, crypto, microservices and blockchain, as always, most of the action was on the sidelines where experts from across these industries were sharing their own projects and efforts. We not only met some old friends, but new potential clients who are interested in the acceleration of open source technologies.

While blockchain is one of youngest technologies, it is also evolving at a very rapid pace. This is a pain, but also an opportunity for contributors from all over the globe to participate in this emerging space. There were three talks in particular that caught our attention.

  • Imagining a Censorship and Surveillance-Free Internet – This is one of our favorite topics because it will impact the way we enjoy these new tools in the future.
  • Permissioned Blockchain – An important step to building reliable enterprise applications.
  • Hybrid Blockchain Flowchain – Hybrid blockchains are important bridges while the ecosystem evolves.
  • Kubernetes – The conference also had several talks on Kubernetes, a technology that Prospus is committed to.

We are looking forward to next year, when we will likely have a booth of our own to show one of our products we have been developing in stealth mode.

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