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We discussed the need for used-boat surveys and what goes into a pre-purchase survey in an earlier blog post. We also addressed in our other blog posts why getting a new-boat survey is just as important as a used-boat survey. Now let’s delve a bit further into new-boat surveys and why they are important.

Boats these days are built to offer more style, more glitter and more features—all of which buyers want while paying as little as possible. As such, builders and dealers are increasingly responding and the result is that, sadly, many new boats are poorly constructed. Moreover, some dealers are also managing new deliveries poorly due to lack of resources, including time and money constraints. There’s no one in particular to blame—buyers want more for less and builders deliver what buyers ask for. While we can’t change the market overnight, we can try to counter the problem by finding a solution. So here are some key facts about new boats.

New boats are complex to build. The systems on a boat are complex and a boat that may appear to be “brand new” to the inexperienced eye may nonetheless suffer from many issues that are often critical. In addition, many new boats are custom built, featuring extra equipment and made-to-order systems that may or may not have been fitted properly. If any issues are overlooked, the smallest of failures on any of these systems can potentially be damaging.

What is a new-boat inspection? After the boat has been commissioned by the builder or dealer, a surveyor can carry out a pre-acceptance inspection once the boat is ready for handover to the buyer. The scope of the survey typically covers all major aspects of a vessel’s build—from construction to rigging and safety, including thorough inspection of the hull and deck structures, steering, stern gear and skin fittings, fuel systems, plumbing, gas and electrical systems and other equipment and machinery on board. Having completed the inspection, the surveyor can bring any critical issues to your attention, which can save you a lot of headaches and, of course, a lot of money.

Does a brand-new vessel really need inspection? Yes. A blog post on boatingmag,com, among many other such articles you’ll find, illustrates the need for new-boat surveys. Some of the stories you’ll find in these articles are rather shocking, for example the one where a new boat’s electronics were not installed, the generators did not start, refrigerators did not work and the list went on. Yes, this is an extreme case, but often even boats purchased from reputable dealers can have many issues. And the more systems there are on board, the more important it becomes to get the vessel surveyed before acceptance.

A boat is a major investment, quite often a capital investment second only to your home! So make sure you spend wisely and get the most out of your investment.

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