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Here’s the Perfect App for Independent Surveyors
The VesselWise Mobile App Makes Boat Surveying Faster and More Efficient

June 19, 2015

When it comes to identifying a quality marine surveyor, what boat owners and buyers look for is integrity and skill. In an industry where there are no written guidelines defining the required qualifications for a surveyor, the quality of the surveyor’s work is key to his or her reputation.

 Defining the qualities and qualifications of a Marine Surveyor, a memorandum of 1834 has not been bettered:

“The utmost care and discrimination have been exercised by the Committee in the selection of men [and women] of talent, integrity, and firmness as Surveyors, on whom the practical efficacy of the system and the contemplated advantages must so materially depend; the Committee have in their judgement appointed those persons only…who appeared to them to be most competent to discharge the important duties of their situations with fidelity and ability, and to ensure strict and impartial justice to all parties whose property shall come under their supervision.”

Source: Wikipedia

It is important for boat owners to do their research in choosing the right surveyor. Likewise, surveyors must position themselves well in the market and effectively present their skills and expertise to their clients. But in a market where anyone can call him or herself a marine surveyor and start a business, this is all easier said than done. Yes, surveyors can get themselves accredited, but there is something else just as critical for a surveyor’s long-term success, and that is being good at his job.

VesselWise makes surveyors more effective. The VesselWise mobile app is a simple, yet powerful tool for independent marine surveyors. It introduces digital technology to marine surveying, replacing the old, cumbersome methods with a software solution that organizes and coordinates tasks and operations management.

Marine surveyors can use the VesselWise app to identify and quickly capture issues on the vessel, take  photos and record video clips, make comments and recommendations, upload captured data and retrieve all of it later when preparing their detailed reports.         

With automated organization, project management and task coordination in place, surveyors can now easily manage survey items, tasks and operations. In turn, surveyors can establish a much clearer dialogue among boat owners, contractors, technicians, dealers and warranty managers.

How does VesselWise help surveyors? VesselWise is a dynamic tool that enables surveyors to execute their surveys faster and more efficiently.

  •     Surveyors can use the free VesselWise app to capture their survey findings using an iPad.
  •     Surveyors no longer have to manually take photographs, write their issues down in a notebook and then spend 2–3 days consolidating their handwritten notes and photographs into a survey report.
  •     Surveyors can manage their surveys through a comprehensive project management tool for better coordination and easier delivery.
  •     Surveyors have access to built-in invoice management and billing tools to track invoices and bill their clients directly from the application.

These features were incorporated into VesselWise with the ultimate goal of improving issue resolution and warranty management for vessels. These tasks present an array of challenges common to all boat owners, which, despite having long been generally acknowledged within the boating industry, remained unresolved until now. In the process of providing greater client satisfaction for boat owners, VesselWise has also created a valuable tool for surveyors that helps build their reputations for high quality work.

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