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Last updated January 1, 2023

Prospus is committed to continuously improving the delivery of information technology solutions within budget, on schedule, and within scope to help our clients achieve their creative and strategic objectives. By establishing project management and software development best practices and unceasingly improving them, we are better able to mitigate risks and satisfy stakeholders.

At Prospus, our projects are managed in accordance with best practices promoted by the internationally-recognized Project Management Institute (PMI), influenced by our own unique experience within the software industry, and appropriately tailored to the specific circumstances of the project and client. Our project management staff members possess professional credentials in conjunction with field experience and a demonstrated commitment to utilizing project management policies to enhance project outcomes.

Methods used for project auditing, such as Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), are aligned with industry best practices, consultant expert guidelines, and known industry accepted standards such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 1012-2004 for Software Verification and Validation, International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000-2000 series, and Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM). Where applicable, these methods are tailored to a specific environment or industry and in coordination with consultants as warranted.

Labor is the primary expense in software development. It takes front-end and back-end developers, programmers, user-interface designers, graphic designers, web stylists, database architects and administrators, analysts, and project managers to execute a project. Determining how much time each employee must spend on a system with countless interlocking components and technologies is a complicated task fraught with challenges and uncertainties. The project manager is the key employee who brings all stakeholders together and assures that all the moving parts are in place. This document elaborates on the policies our project managers follow when executing a project.

Billing Policies

At Prospus we have policies defined to govern all aspects of our projects and client interactions. Our goal is 100% transparency around project, billing, and labor policies.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Prospus employs a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our work during the execution of your project, you will not be required to make any further payments. All previous work which had been accepted by the client through our standard User Acceptance Testing process will not be eligible for refund.

Forms of Payment

Prospus currently accepts personal checks, business checks, money orders, and international money orders as well as payment via PayPal, Credit Card (Visa/Master, Discover and AMEX) and bank wire. Checks must be in US currency, and must be drawn on a US bank. Wire transfers are accepted for amounts over USD 200. Any applicable fees to the transaction will be borne by the payer.

If you like to fax us a credit card form, so we can charge your card, please contact us at For additional details on how to make either domestic or international payments to Prospus please see our payment instructions.

Refund Policy

By accepting, approving, or confirming design proofs, compositions, development work, milestones, original or finalized files, or any other aspects (otherwise considered to be “progress”) of your project, you express your satisfaction up to that point of the project and no refunds will be given for that work carried out and/or services provided up to that point. We will refund/reimburse you for the remaining work on your project that has not been started or completed at the time that you request a refund. We can only refund labor charges regarding certain services. If there are any service charges involved in transactions, you will receive a refund less the transaction fees/service charges. No refunds will be issued for any dissatisfaction that may arise from doing business with our partners, as our partners are their own individual entities, separate from Prospus, and all issues must be resolved with them accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations arise which require businesses and individuals to cancel binding contracts with our company before they have been completed. To maintain superior customer service, we offer the following cancellation terms:

• Cancellation requests received prior to the commencement of development will be fully honored, less a 15% fee to cover costs associated with servicing the contract.
• Cancellation requests received after development has commenced will be honored, less a 15% fee to cover costs associated with servicing the contract, and less the cost of development and other services already incurred. The rate at which additional costs would be charged will be specified in all our agreements.

Guarantee against Defects

We guarantee our applications to be free from design or implementation defects for the first three months of operation. In the event our client experiences or uncovers a bona fide error directly resulting from the efforts of our company, we will immediately repair it at no cost to our client. If the error is discovered after the three-month period, we will proceed with the repair if it can be determined that the error was caused by oversights during our original development, and we can verify that no other parties aside from Prospus employees have had access to the applications files and source code.

Unfortunately, in the event changes are made to our original application source code by anyone other than an agent of Prospus, we will be unable to honor this guarantee. Therefore, we encourage our clients to consult with us directly before accessing or modifying the application source files in any way. In general, if our clients encounter any problems configuring or using our software, we urge them to take advantage of our friendly, experienced technical support.

To enforce the terms of our guarantee, we reserve the right to withhold all administrative, FTP, website, and server credentials which permit structural or code-level modification. We will make all credentials available to the client, however upon their use our warranty and liabilities will immediately go into a reduced mode.

Delivery of Source Code

Under no circumstances does Prospus delivery source code to clients or client-managed servers without first collecting 100% of the payments due for the project.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, customers will be invoiced via email approximately 2 weeks before payment is due.

Returned Checks & Credit Card Charge-backs

Returned checks, bank drafts or credit card chargebacks are assessed a USD 50 fee if they are returned unpaid for any reason.

Billing Disputes

For any questions regarding charges made to your credit card or bank account, please contact us immediately. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have and even happier to correct any billing errors on our part.

Payment Instructions

Prospus is a multi-national company legally registered in India with American ownership. We accept payments in a variety of ways from any country in the United States and India. Please see our latest version of “Prospus – Payment Methods” for detailed instructions for how to remit your payment to Prospus.

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