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Last updated January 1, 2023

Prospus offers professional support services that for any type of budget and requirement. Whether you are an individual, small business or enterprise, we can tailor a website support solution to suit your requirements. For information about our support packages, please see the latest version of our “Support Solutions” document.

Technical Support

Warranty Support Extends our premium warranty pledge against any bugs, defects of craftsmanship or errors arising from our oversight. In the event a full support plan is not purchased from Prospus, then our warranty will extend only 30 days from the date of delivery on systems or features we developed and which have not been accessed or modified by any non-Prospus representative. Applicable only to only systems we develop or support.
Escalation Plan Our standard 1-workday response time is generally sufficient for most clients. However, we offer escalation options to meet urgent client support requirements.
Emergency Contact Provision of a means to escalate issues directly to on-call technical staff outside of normal working hours.
Technical Document Systems are complex and even a small website or app was the result of hundreds of professional design, development, and architectural decisions. This information is critical to diagnosing and resolving problems, and making modifications. Every Prospus support plan includes a full topological map, including all subsystems, coding notations, architecture, third-party integrations, design layer considerations, known issues, and relevant resolution procedures. Additionally, we create customized support procedures to handle client tasks efficiently and transparently.
Warranty Support Extends our premium warranty pledge against any bugs, defects of craftsmanship or errors arising from our oversight. In the event a full support plan is not purchased from Prospus, then our warranty will extend only 30 days from the date of delivery on systems or features we developed and which have not been accessed or modified by any non-Prospus representative. Applicable only to only systems we develop or support.
Development Environment We provide and administer multiple stable, secure environments to support the rapid and efficient development and deployment workflow. Includes a development, staging, and production environment and a managed Git and Github repository of the client’s choice.
Labor Retainer Systems require entire teams of project managers, analysts, stylists, developers, database administrators, and designers who are familiar with the system, understand its architecture and code base, and can quickly solve problems as they arise and make modifications without adversely impacting vital operations. With a support plan in place, Prospus ensures ready access to the skills needed to monitor, evaluate, troubleshoot, and enhance the system.
Backup Restoration Urgent restoration in the event the system database or files need to be restored to an earlier date.
Support Labor Discounted prepaid labor vouchers which can be used toward content, design, programming and technical tasks. Labor discounts are only offered when there is an active support contract in place. Labor not covered by a prepaid voucher will be billable at our standard hourly rates.


Managed Server Hands-free managed dedicated or virtual server with configuration, system migration, and SSL certificate installation. We provide hands-on technical support and manage system hosting so clients can focus on their business. Tasks performed include managing: email accounts (if on the same server), domain name settings, page redirects, cPanel administrative tasks, storage management, and basic server security. Note that hosting costs are separate and must be paid by the client.
Managed Cloud Backup Regular system, file and database backups with periodic integrity checks.


Server Updates Server-side technologies are regularly updated to handle new functionalities, patch security holes, and keep pace with industry standardization. We perform all updates as required for the various server applications. Note that additional implementation charges may apply in the event an update exceeds the allocated time, or impacts other areas of the system.
Database and Language Updates Frequent updates to the server and client-side programming languages are important to handling back-end processing tasks and preventing unwanted intrusions, hacks, and security breaches. We provide continuous monitoring of the communities which support the languages and databases so the site is always up-to-date.
Hardware Updates Like software, server hardware also requires attention to ensure that the machines are properly maintained, optimized, and updated.
Downtime Analysis Every professional hosting provider guarantees a certain level of up-time. Tracking that commitment and then holding providers accountable requires time and software. We monitor all servers for downtime and take appropriate action in the event the up-time commitment is not met, up to and including managing a migration to a new hosting company or negotiating a discount or refund.
Database Integrity Audit Since databases contain the core information needed to run a web-based business, they demand a high level of attention and management to ensure they are working efficiently. Our database integrity audit provides the kind of insurance required to avoid data loss and operational disruption.
Third-Party Software Updates Some systems use at least one piece of third-party software, but most rely on multiple products. Tracking the various APIs, plugins, modules and software installations and licenses requires time and technical aptitude most system owners are not willing or able to provide. We will ensure that all third-party software is maintained and updated appropriately. Additional charges may apply, depending on installed third-party software components.


System Integrity Monitoring Our monitoring service is developed to intelligently crawl and identify infections across any platform using licensed malware fingerprinting techniques and the most advanced scanning engine in the market. We perform a collection of tests that identify hidden malware infections, potential security anomalies, and changes to various components like DNS, SSL, and WHOIS.
Security Event Notifications We provide immediate alerts regarding security events to clients. If covered in the security plan we take quick action towards resolution, in turn reducing the risk of potential damage or negative impact.
System Malware Removal We perform a thorough review to identify and remove all known malware and backdoor files; all while hardening the environment, and identifying points of risk like outdated software, third-party plugins, known vulnerable scripts and extensions.
System Restoration Should the website or app be maliciously attacked or defaced, we will restore it to full working order and then secure it immediately upon learning the attack has occurred.


Performance Benchmarking We define targets (i.e., “benchmarks”) and then measure the performance of critical server, website, app, and page operations under specific loads in specific regions, isolating the performance of specific subsystems.
Server Optimization Optimize server settings to achieve defined performance targets under specified conditions. May include any of the following: application dependency optimization, server compression, file bundling and minification, CDN installation and configuration, application error resolution, targeted page caching and optimization, code analysis, load analysis and optimization, traffic distribution, and potential hosting transfer.
Website Optimization Optimize page, screen, and other elements of attached web and mobile solutions to achieve set user experience (UX) performance goals. May include any of the following: HTML/CSS optimization, CDN installation and configuration, HTTPS setup, HTTP(s) request analysis and reduction, CSS and JS file compression, hosting transfers, image size optimization and compression, Gzip compression, caching setup and/or configuration, browser caching setup, JS minification, JS and CSS loading order, redirect reduction and optimization, third-party integration review and optimization, coding optimization. Additional costs may be involved. Optimization is performance in accordance with the Web Vitals initiative by Google. Page Speed scores are not guaranteed.

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