Prospus Document

Prospus Document comes with a variety of features relating to document
manipulation. From rebuilding paper forms digitally, to e-signing,
Prospus Document will help you digitize all your information.

Realize the dream of a paperless office...

Prospus Document is a complete tool for document creation, workflow, management and signing. Easily rebuild forms digitally, or overlay digital tools on top of your current paper forms.

Secure file sharing

Securely create, file and share digital documents using powerful encryption technology.

Permissions management

Control who can access documents and under which conditions, including time and approval-based parameters.

Custom workflow

Create customized workflows to fit your organization’s internal procedures. Add actions, triggers and approval-based flows.

Integrated e-signatures

Fully and natively integrated with Prospus Sign, our digital signature solution. Option to integrate third-party e-signature solutions.


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