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The Client: Rundsdale Enterprises LLC

VesselWise is a SAAS app produced and owned by Rundsdale Enterprises LLC, funded by American investor Marc Ragsdale in 2014. Rundsdale Enterprises is focused on building tools for the luxury marine space.

The Challenge

Though the luxury marine industry is laden with cash, yacht owners and managers have surprisingly few effective tools for managing their assets. Captains, owners, surveyors, and other contractors who pilot, service, repair, manage, and maintain boats are found using pencil, paper, and emails to shuffle images and notes back and forth to each other. Important documentation is hard to find, and vessel histories scattered across physical and virtual desktops.

The Process

The Solution

Under the architectural direction of Prospus VP Engineering Vinay Aggarwal, we built a customer service portal on Chordiant CRM that centralized data from all sources, offering customers and support agents alike a simplified engagement process, and giving USAA the ability to offer custom-tailored banking, insurance and investment proposals in real-time.

The Stats

Web App
Web Technologies B/E Framework – Cake PHP
Database – MySQL
Mobile Technologies iOS – Objective-C
Android – Java
Team Size 20
Duration (Months) 18
Labor Hours 58,000
Complexity High (9/10)
Application Roles (Count) 8
Application Roles Vessel Administrator
Vessel Crew
Vessel Manufacturer
Vessel Retailer
Vessel Surveyor
Vessel Buyer
Vessel Seller
Vessel Broker

Technologies Used






Java SDK


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